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  *让* | 让* | *让
to yield / to permit / to let sb do sth / to have sb do sth / to make sb (feel sad etc) / by (indicates the agent in a passive clause, like )
transfer (technology, goods etc) / conveyancing (property)
to transfer (one's property or rights to sb else)
to show consideration for (others) / to yield to (another vehicle etc) / courtesy / comity
to move aside / to get out of the way / to back down / to concede
to avoid / to yield (in traffic) / to get out of the way
to modestly decline
to exercise forbearance / patient and accommodating
to be unwilling to pass on one's responsibilities to others
transferable / negotiable
to lease out / to rent (one's property out to sb else)
to cede / cession
neither giving way to the other
lit. to have no time for civilities (idiom) / fig. not to be outdone / not to yield to one's opponents
Abidjan (city in Ivory Coast)
to abdicate
to make a concession / to be accommodating
(idiom) not to yield an inch
to bow and give way (idiom) / to surrender sth readily
you let me win (said politely after winning a game)
to hand over (a business etc) for an agreed price (Tw)
kindhearted and moderate (idiom); temperate and gentle
home run (loanword) / a big hit (hugely popular) (Tw)
to jump out of the way
to step aside (for a passing vehicle) / to get out of the way / to make way for
submissive / accommodating

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