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to discuss / to talk over / CL: 個|个
to dislike / to loathe / disagreeable / troublesome / annoying
to investigate / to probe
to examine or inspect / self-criticism / review
to get the desired outcome / to win favor by fawning on sb / to curry favor with / a fruitful outcome to reward one's labor
forum (esp. online) / discussion area / feedback
discussion forum / seminar
symposium / discussion forum
  *讨* | 讨* | *讨
to invite / to provoke / to demand or ask for / to send armed forces to suppress / to denounce or condemn / to marry (a woman) / to discuss or study
to suppress by armed force / to send a punitive expedition against / to crusade against
to discuss / to deliberate
to consult / to ask for advice
to beg / to go begging
to attract people's affection / charming / delightful
(old) girl trafficked into a brothel to work as prostitute
to haggle over price / to bargain
to denounce / to condemn
to demand repayment
to ask for trouble (idiom) / to make a rod for one's own back
to invite a snub / to court a rebuff
disgusting person / slob
to go on a punitive expedition
seminar / workshop
to beg for mercy / to ask for forgiveness
(coll.) to take a concubine
to demand payment of money owing
to demand repayment of debt
war on all sides (idiom); fighting from all four quarters
to ask for / to demand
to ask for sth back / to recover
to ask for food / to beg
arduous and thankless task (idiom); strenuous and unrewarding
to eke out a living / to live from hand to mouth / to drift aimlessly
to beg for food
to demand / to claim
to demand payment / to collect overdue payment
to enquire / to demand details
to beg for food
arduous and thankless task (idiom); strenuous and unrewarding
unpleasant / disagreeable
to look for a bargain / to seek advantage / to try to gain at expense of others
(Tw) (coll.) to seek sympathy
to investigate
to curry favor by showing obeisance (idiom)
disagreeable / hateful / a pain in the neck
war on all sides (idiom); fighting from all four quarters
to make one's living from the sea
to put down (an uprising) / to pacify
to ask for bail money
to curry favor / to get the desired outcome by flattery
to denounce
to throw oneself at sb or sth / to bend over backwards to help
I beg to disturb you / I trespass on your hospitality / Thank you for your hospitality!
to act cleverly to get what one desires / to get the best at least expense
erhua variant of 討底|讨底
open forum
deliberately provocative / saucy
to go begging / to ask for alms
to wipe out the villains (e.g. insurgents, or people of another race)
war on all sides (idiom); fighting from all four quarters

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