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to speak / to say / to talk / to gossip / to tell stories / talk / word
dialogue / CL: 個|个
joke / jest / CL: 個|个 / to laugh at / to mock
Mandarin (common language) / Putonghua (common speech of the Chinese language) / ordinary speech
subject (of a talk or conversation) / topic
legend / fairy tale / myth / mythology
nonsense / rubbish / superfluous words / You don't say! / No kidding! (gently sarcastic)
children's fairy tales
common saying / proverb
microphone / (telephone) receiver / handset
casual conversation / chat / gossip / to talk about (whatever comes to mind)
to hold a conversation / to talk over the telephone / phone call
telephone / CL: / phone call / CL: / phone number
if (coming after a conditional clause)
to talk (with sb) / to have a conversation / talk / conversation / CL:
to make a telephone call
whisperings / private words / confidences / sweet nothings
  *話* | 話* | *話
dialect / language / spoken words / speech / talk / words / conversation / what sb said / CL: 種|种, , , ,
It is said that ... (at the start of a narrative) / to discuss / to recount
in a word / in short
a speech / to speak / to talk / to address / CL: 個|个
mobile phone (Tw)
words / speech / utterance / discourse
not saying anything further (idiom); not raising any objection / without demur
to phone sb up
(language learning) conversation / dialog / to converse (in a non-native language) / (computing) session / CL: 個|个,
to speak one's mind
one's speaking voice / tone / implication
telephone card
dialog box (computing)
to speak the truth / truth to tell / frankly
to do what one is told / obedient
friendly advice / words spoken on sb's behalf / a good word / kind words / words that sound fine but are not followed up with actions
telephone directory
as the proverb says / as they say...
in other words
profanity / obscene language / speaking rudely
questioning (a suspect) / interrogation
to give orders / to spread news or rumors / to leak certain information intentionally
unpleasant talk / malicious words
to be nothing difficult / to be a cinch
topic under discussion / thread of discussion
ability to have one's say and be listened to; influence; clout
to pass on a story / to communicate a message
a lie / untrue statement / misstatement
to watch with amusement as sb makes a fool of himself
to talk / to get into conversation with / to send word
story or deed that captures the imagination and is spread far and wide
The Moment of Truth (TV show) / Truth or Dare (game)
spoken language / vernacular
to have nothing to say (idiom)
to talk nonsense / to bullshit
to reply
unreasonable / shocking / outrageous
(telephone) conference call
mythological story / myth
returning to our main topic,... / that said,... / again,... / in this connection / in passing / nevertheless,... / anyhow
angry words / sth said in the moment of anger
(to express one's) true feelings / what is on one's mind / secret mind
to do as promised / to be as good as one's word / to honor one's word / to mean what one says
to tell the truth / to tell it as it is
writings in the vernacular
(Tw) (slang) remark that sounds like it makes sense but is actually nonsense
"officialese" / bureaucratic language / Mandarin
harsh words
Hakka dialect
the content of a conversation / words / remarks
lie / false words / nonsense / CL:
stage play / modern drama / CL: 臺|台,
shit / nonsense
to say good-bye / to bid sb farewell
to make a fool of oneself
one's words carry an implicit meaning
to make a long story short (idiom)
talking in one's sleep / words spoken during sleep / fig. speech bearing no relation to reality / delusions
be that as it may
to sneer / to make cynical remarks / sarcastic talk
(spoken) Chinese language
subject (under discussion) / thread (of an argument)
(old) to make a phone call
mobile telephone
something to be taken up later in speech or writing
lit. family members speak frankly with one another, not courteously, as if they were from two different families (idiom) / fig. people don't need to be deferential when they ask a family member for help / people from the same family should stick together (and good friends likewise)
to tell one lie after another (idiom) / to talk nonsense / bogus story
empty talk / bunk / malicious gossip
words of politeness / politesse / decorous talking / talk with propriety
argot / bandits' secret jargon / malicious words
telephone signal
mobile telephone
terms of endearment / words of love
to admonish subordinates
the conversation is disagreeable (idiom)
it's all very well to talk, but getting things done is another matter (idiom) / to be an armchair expert / to blabber on
not to hold anything back (idiom) / (of close friends etc) to tell each other everything
nonsense / ridiculous talk / hogwash
to lie through one's teeth (idiom) / to talk drivel
conventional greeting / polite formula

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