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to register / to enroll
  *註* | 註* | *註
to register / to annotate / note / comment
remark / note
registered trademark
note / annotation
to cancel / to write off
to foreordain / to be bound to / to be destined to / to be doomed to / inevitably
to annotate / annotation / comment / interpretation / to explain with notes / explanatory note
decreed by fate (idiom) / destined / fated
to annotate / to add marginal comments on / criticism / marginalia
domain name registration
editor's note
commentary and subcommentary (of a book)
to annotate / annotation / commentary / remark
notes and commentary / exegesis
to think fondly of sb
part-of-speech tagging
Commentary on Shuowen Jiezi (1815) by Duan Yucai 段玉裁
to concentrate one's attention / to be fully focused
to stress in a prejudiced way / to emphasize sth unduly
phonetic transcription / system of representing spoken sounds
book by Han dynasty astronomer Zhang Heng
Wade-Giles transliteration scheme for Chinese

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