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to cultivate / to train / to groom / training
to provide guidance / to lecture sb / to upbraid / a talking-to / a bitter lesson / CL: , 頓|顿
  *訓* | 訓* | *訓
to teach / to train / to admonish / instruction (from superiors) / teachings / rule
military practice, esp. for reservists or new recruits / military training as a (sometimes compulsory) subject in schools and colleges / drill
school motto
to receive training
old teaching (e.g. religious instruction)
(Tw) weight training (abbr. for 重量訓練|重量训练)
to draw a lesson (from a setback)
to train / to care for and educate
instructions to one's children / family precepts
sage's instructions / imperial edict
old adage / ancient teaching
wishes of the deceased
to train together / to practice as a group
tuition within family / education from father
training in rotation
to drill troops / to build up and train
to increase the population, amass wealth, and teach the people to be faithful to the cause (in preparation for war, following a defeat)
not to be taken as an example / not an example to be followed / not to be taken as authoritative
explaining a character or word by using a homophone
general culture
regular exhortations
the Sermon on the Mount
to complete the training course (Tw)

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