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language / CL: 門|门, 種|种
to make a speech / statement / utterance / CL: 個|个
to predict / prophecy
topolect / dialect
fable / CL: 則|则
preface / introductory remarks / preamble / prelude
to leave a message / to leave one's comments / message
  *言* | 言* | *言
words / speech / to say / to talk
to be a spokesperson / to be an ambassador (for a brand) / to endorse
assembly language
to pledge / to promise / oath / vow
polyglot / many language
foreword / introduction
Classical Chinese
natural language
to have heard what was said
declaration / manifesto
rumor / hearsay
to say candidly / to acknowledge frankly
preface / forward / introduction
the first Chinese dialect dictionary, edited by Yang Xiong 揚雄|扬雄 in 1st century, containing over 9000 characters
saying / famous remark
lit. fluently saying all one wants (idiom); to preach freely on one's favorite topic / to hold forth to one's heart's content
rumor / gossip / to spread rumors
to remain silent / to have nothing to say
to put about (a story, plan, threat etc) / to let it be known (esp. of threat or malicious story) / to threaten
Internet language / Internet slang / netspeak / cyberspeak
introduction / preamble
to speak forthrightly / to talk bluntly
to suffer unspeakable misery / indescribably painful / hellish
to make a suggestion / to state (one's views, ideas etc) / suggestion / advice / idea
habitually silent (idiom) / reticent / uncommunicative
comparatively speaking
to speak / words
Manifesto of the Communist Party / "Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei" by Marx and Engels (1848)
European language
to start to speak
common saying
(computing) high-level language
white lie
to put forward a suggestion (to sb in a senior position) / to offer a word of advice
words of the deceased / last words of the dying / wisdom of past sages
true statement / incantation (translates Sanskrit: dharani 陀羅尼|陀罗尼)
to assert / assertion
Mo Yan (1955-), Chinese novelist, winner of 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature
it may be said
admonition / exhortation / dictum / the biblical Book of Proverbs
too wonderful for words
object oriented language
loyal advice / sincere advice
Stories to Awaken the World, vernacular short stories by Feng Menglong 馮夢龍|冯梦龙 published in 1627
can be compared to / is the same as
tactful / diplomatic / mild and indirect
gems of wisdom (idiom); priceless advice
where do these words stem from? / why do you (he, etc) say such a thing?
words from the bottom of one's heart
dumbstruck and unable to reply (idiom); left speechless / at a loss for words
cross-language / polyglot
official language
slander / slanderous report / calumny / false charge
after wine, spit out the truth / in vino veritas
lit. to eat one's words / to break a promise / to go back on one's word / to renege / unsworn testimony
words of advice on parting
evil tongue / malicious talk
taciturn / reticent
to speak out for justice (idiom); to take a stand on a matter of principle
to reprove / forthright admonition
rumors / the word on the street
to pour out lies
joking matter / to go back on one's words
wise saying / words of wisdom
the six-syllable Sanskrit mantra of Avalokiteshvara bodhisattva (i.e. om mani padme hum)
classical language
sweet words / fine talk
unreasonable words / wounding complaints
to speak cautiously / to guard one's tongue
hypertext markup language / HTML
machine language
to reject a word because of the speaker (idiom, from Analects); to judge on preference between advisers rather than the merits of the case
Declaration of Independence
not to reject a word because of the speaker (idiom, from Analects); to judge on the merits of the case rather than preference between advisers
valued advice
to say clearly / to argue clearly / to pronounce / pronounced
artificial language / constructed language
written language
lies / wild talk / to tell lies / to talk nonsense / fantasy (literature)
advice / to advise
extensible markup language (XML)
to speak incoherently / to ramble / to talk irresponsibly
Stories to Caution the World, vernacular short stories by Feng Menglong 馮夢龍|冯梦龙 published in 1624

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