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idea / opinion / suggestion / objection / complaint / CL: 點|点, 條|条
commonly seen / common / to see sth frequently
  *见* | 见* | *见
to see / to meet / to appear (to be sth) / to interview
  *见* | 见* | *见
to appear / also written 現|现
not to see / not to meet / to have disappeared / to be missing
it can clearly be seen (that this is the case) / it is (thus) clear / clear / visible
to meet
to refer to / see also / compare (cf.) / to pay respect to
to meet with (sb who is paying a visit) / CL:
to see / to catch sight of
for further details, refer to
to see each other / to meet in person
goodbye / see you again later
rare / rarely seen
foresight / prescience
to foresee / to predict / to forecast / to envision / foresight / intuition / vision
seen / what one sees
unseen / to be invisible
rare / not familiar (to the speaker) / sth rarely experience / hard to see
to hear
clearly and easy to see (idiom); obviously / clearly / it goes without saying
from this, it can be seen that...
long time no see
to dream about (sth or sb) / to see in a dream
to love to hear and see (idiom) / well received / to one's liking
to pay a formal visit / to call to pay respects / to meet one's senior or superior
can see / visible
to receive sb / to grant an interview
motive / purpose / (sth) being the motive or purpose
to infer / to gather
to see with one's own eyes / very soon
to arrange an interview / an appointment (with the foreign ambassador)
to run into / to meet (unexpectedly) / to bump into
one's own view / having definite opinions
not be able to hear
to happen upon / to see incidentally / occasional / accidental
to turn a blind eye to / to ignore
rarely seen
insight / to see clearly
it goes to show that / one can see
call in (one's subordinates) / summon (an envoy of a foreign country) to an interview
an original idea
to meet by accident
Pride and prejudice, novel by Jane Austen ·奧斯汀|珍·奥斯汀
(coll.) to like
opinionated / having one's own strong views
seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times (idiom); seeing for oneself is better than hearing from many others / seeing is believing
cf. / see also
public opinion
everyone gives their own view
to introduce (sb) / (esp.) to present to the emperor
anyone with eyes can see it (idiom); obvious to all / sth speaks for itself / is there for all to see
wise opinion / brilliant idea (honorific)
to glimpse
political views
to espy / to spot
preconceived idea / bias / prejudice
shallow opinion / humble opinion
see you tomorrow
each sticks to his own view
unprecedented / never seen before
to see
to smell / to hear / knowledge / information
my unworthy opinion (humble expr.)
(neologism c. 2006) if you live long enough, you'll see everything / Just incredible!
one's own viewpoint
(coll.) pitiable / to have pity on sb
to have an audience (with the Emperor)
my limited view (lit. view through a thin tube) / my limited understanding / my opinion (humble)
to check an amount
my humble opinion
to persist in one's views
seen periodically
firm view / definite opinion
without one's own opinions
ubiquitous / commonplace / found everywhere
to find (sth one has been looking for)
obvious / clearly visible
See you later!
to trust one another fully / to treat sb with sincerity
to kowtow in salute
to have an audience (with the Emperor)
to meet on the battlefield (idiom)
dissident / dissenting / dissent
each sticks to his own opinion (idiom); chacun son gout
erroneous views / false idea / false opinion
to commit suicide
each sticks to his own view (idiom); a dialogue of the deaf
knowledge and experience
short-sighted / suicide
to see clearly / deep insight / profound view
commonly seen
See you! / Bye!
to see
(politically) dissenting / dissident
disagreement / differing interpretations
partial view / limited outlook

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