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idea / opinion / suggestion / objection / complaint / CL: 點|点, 條|条
commonly seen / common / to see sth frequently
  *见* | 见* | *见
to see / to meet / to appear (to be sth) / to interview
  *见* | 见* | *见
to appear / also written 現|现
common problems / FAQ
not to see / not to meet / to have disappeared / to be missing
it can clearly be seen (that this is the case) / it is (thus) clear / clear / visible
to meet
to meet / to see each other / CL:
to be witness to / witness / evidence
to refer to / see also / compare (cf.) / to pay respect to
to meet with (sb who is paying a visit) / CL:
to see / to catch sight of
for further details, refer to
to see each other / to meet in person
to see
goodbye / see you again later
rare / rarely seen
opinion / view / understanding
to gain first-hand knowledge of sth / to experience for oneself / knowledge / experience / insight
what one has seen and heard / knowledge / one's experience
foresight / prescience
to foresee / to predict / to forecast / to envision / foresight / intuition / vision
seen / what one sees
to have the desired effect
suggestion box
unseen / to be invisible
to learn on the job / to be on probation
rare / not familiar (to the speaker) / sth rarely experience / hard to see
to hear
clearly and easy to see (idiom); obviously / clearly / it goes without saying
from this, it can be seen that...
please forgive me
long time no see
love at first sight (idiom)
to dream about (sth or sb) / to see in a dream
to love to hear and see (idiom) / well received / to one's liking
to seem / to appear / (in a negative or interrogative sentence) to be sure
not necessarily / not likely
to pay a formal visit / to call to pay respects / to meet one's senior or superior
can see / visible
to receive sb / to grant an interview
motive / purpose / (sth) being the motive or purpose
to infer / to gather
gift given to sb when meeting them for the first time
to gain knowledge and experience
lit. Even if we don't see each other, don't give up and leave (idiom) / fig. Be sure to wait! / See you there!
loved by all / to have universal appeal
upon seeing this, ... / in response, ...
to be good at sth / one's forte
What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)
to see with one's own eyes / very soon
to arrange an interview / an appointment (with the foreign ambassador)
to run into / to meet (unexpectedly) / to bump into
one's own view / having definite opinions
visible light / light in optical spectrum
(coll.) to bleed (esp. vaginal bleeding) / to suffer a financial loss
to see what is right and act courageously (idiom, from Analects); to stand up bravely for the truth / acting heroically in a just cause
not be able to hear
lit. to draw blood on the first prick (idiom) / fig. to hit the nail on the head
to happen upon / to see incidentally / occasional / accidental
not fit to be seen by / should not be exposed to / can't bear to see
a common occurrence (idiom)
to turn a blind eye to / to ignore
lit. set up a pole and see the shadow (idiom); fig. instant effect / quick results
lit. to open the door and see the mountain; fig. to get right to the point (idiom)
rarely seen
insight / to see clearly
to regret not having met earlier (idiom); It is nice to meet you finally. / It feels like we have known each other all along.
it goes to show that / one can see
call in (one's subordinates) / summon (an envoy of a foreign country) to an interview
an original idea
to meet by accident
to counter every move / to be full of tricks
lit. minor magician in the presence of a great one (idiom) / fig. to pale into insignificance by comparison
apprentice / probationer / cadet
Pride and prejudice, novel by Jane Austen ·奧斯汀|珍·奥斯汀
(coll.) to like
love at first sight
opinionated / having one's own strong views
seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times (idiom); seeing for oneself is better than hearing from many others / seeing is believing
to die / lit. to visit Marx / to pass away
experienced and knowledgeable (idiom)
curse it! / to hell with it!
a common occurrence (idiom)
eyewitness (to an incident) / witness (to a legal transaction)
cf. / see also
opinion / view / insight
opinions differ (idiom)
public opinion
everyone gives their own view
to keep one's calm in the face of the unexpected / not to wonder at strange sights
seeing is believing
to change at once on seeing sth different (idiom); loving fads and novelty / never satisfied with what one has
a (10 meter) square / a square of given side
what one hears and sees (idiom)
water so clear you can see the bottom

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