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  *覽* | 覽* | *覽
to look at / to view / to read
to skim over / to browse
(visitor, tour, audio etc) guide / guided tour / (site) navigator / to guide
browser (software)
a general overview
to put on display / to exhibit / exhibition / show / CL: 個|个,
preview / to preview
an overview / at a glance
general overview / to skim through
exposition / international fair
to read
to go sightseeing / to tour / to visit / CL:
(website) traffic / page views / volume of website traffic
exhibition hall
exhibition / show / CL: 個|个
reading room / CL: 間|间
to skim / to browse
to read extensively
conferences and exhibitions
to look intensively / to feast one's eyes on
World Expo / abbr. to 世博
be plainly visible
brief guide
network browser / Internet browser
a web browser
panoramic view / wide survey
to view / to look at / to look sth over
tourist regions / sightseeing area
Imperial Readings of the Taiping Era, general Song dynasty encyclopedia compiled during 977-983 under Li Fang 李昉, 1000 scrolls
to visit scenic spots
car show / automobile expo
to cover all at one glance (idiom) / a panoramic view
(last line of the poem 望岳 by Tang poet Du Fu 杜甫) with one look I shall see all the smaller mountains down below (from the summit of Mt Tai 泰山) / (fig.) awe-inspiring view from a very high place
universal exposition / world expo
singular excursion / off the beaten track
"Mr Lü's Annals", same as 呂氏春秋|吕氏春秋
to visit historic sites
to pore over a book / to look and admire
to browse / to glance through / to read
to talk about this and that (idiom); to ramble incoherently
digital navigation equipment

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