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thing / stuff / person / CL: 個|个,
  *西* | 西* | *西
east and west
Shaanxi province (Shensi) in northwest China, abbr. 陝|陕 or , capital Xi'an 西安
  *西* | 西* | *西
the West / abbr. for Spain 西班牙 / Spanish
Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region 廣西壯族自治區|广西壮族自治区 in South Central China, on the border with Vietnam, abbr. , capital Nanning 南寧|南宁 / until 1959, Guangxi province
Jiangxi province (Kiangsi) in southeast China, abbr. 贛|赣, capital Nanchang 南昌
Shanxi Province (Shansi) in north China between Hebei and Shaanxi, abbr. 晉|晋 capital Taiyuan 太原
Dingxi prefecture-level city in Gansu
Lionel Messi (1987-), Argentine footballer
cubic centimeter (cc) (loanword)
Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture 湘西土家族苗族自治州 / western Hunan
West China (region in the upper reaches of Yangtze River and Sichuan Province)
Jixi prefecture-level city in Heilongjiang province 黑龍江|黑龙江 in northeast China
to do one's shopping
China and the West / Chinese-Western
Tiexi district of Siping city 四平市, Jilin / Tiexi district of Shenyang city 瀋陽市|沈阳市, Liaoning
land west of the Yellow river / Shaanxi, Qinghai and Gansu provinces
Jersey (Channel Islands)
Feixi county in Hefei 合肥, Anhui
Xianxi or Hsienhsi Township in Changhua County 彰化縣|彰化县, Taiwan
Haixi Mongol and Tibetan autonomous prefecture (Tibetan: Mtsho-nub Sog-rigs dang Bod-rigs rang-skyong-khul) in Qinghai
Kansai region, Japan / Guanxi or Kuanhsi town in Hsinchu County 新竹縣|新竹县, northwest Taiwan
Nakhi (ethnic group)
Qiaoxi District (various) / Qiaoxi District of Shijiazhuang City 石家莊市|石家庄市, Hebei
Langxi county in Suihua 綏化|绥化, Heilongjiang
New Jersey, US state
psi (Greek letter Ψψ)
to die / euphemism, lit. to return West or to the Western Paradise
Jianxi district of Luoyang City 洛陽市|洛阳市 in Henan province 河南
Jingxi county in Baise 百色, Guangxi
Qianxi county in Bijie prefecture 畢節地區|毕节地区, Guizhou
Laixi, county-level city in Qingdao 青島|青岛, Shandong
Yangxi county in Yangjiang 陽江|阳江, Guangdong
Linxi county in Xingtai 邢台, Hebei
Jiexi county in Jieyang 揭陽|揭阳, Guangdong
Qianxi county in Tangshan 唐山, Hebei
Longxi county in Dingxi 定西, Gansu
Boise, Idaho
Luxi county in Honghe Hani and Yi autonomous prefecture, Yunnan
(derog.) old fool / old bastard
two distinct things
Yuexi county in Anqing 安慶|安庆, Anhui
"the Far West" / old term for Europe
to threaten the east and strike to the west (idiom) / to create a diversion
"the Far West" / old term for Europe and America
Fenxi county in Linfen 臨汾|临汾, Shanxi
Western Sichuan
bastard / scoundrel / rogue
Augustin-Louis Cauchy (1789-1857), French mathematician
Yunxi county in Shiyan 十堰, Hubei
west of Liaoning
the river flows thirty years to the East, thirty years to the West (proverb) / change is the only constant
Jesse (name)
Luxi city in Yunnan, capital of Dehong Dai and Jingpo autonomous prefecture 德宏傣族景頗族自治州|德宏傣族景颇族自治州 in west Yunnan
Stacy (name)
Anxi county, former name of Guazhou county 瓜州縣|瓜州县 in Jiuquan 酒泉, Gansu
Chelsea, suburb of London / Chelsea football club
to go separate ways (idiom) / to part ways with sb / Taiwan pr. [ge4 ben1 dong1 xi1]
inclining to the west (e.g. of the sun after noon, indicating lateness of the day)
Jinxi town, now part of Nanpiao district 南票 of Huludao city 葫蘆島市|葫芦岛市, Liaoning
(derog.) to be a good-for-nothing / worthless nobody / no-good
San Jose
Yoshi (Nintendo video game character)
Stacy (name)
Tom Clancy (1947-2013), US author
Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), Italian Renaissance painter (Tw)
lit. pull down the east wall to repair the west (idiom); fig. temporary expedient / Rob Peter to pay Paul
Manasseh (son of Hezekiah)
Claude Debussy (1862-1918), French composer
Nanhsi township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan
Nancy Pelosi (1940-), US Democrat politician from California, speaker of US House of Representatives 2007-2011 and 2019-
far apart
Morsi, Mursi or Morsy (name) / Mohamed Morsi (1951-2019), Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood politician, president of Egypt 2012-2013
Wilhelm Liebknecht (1826-1900), political activist and founding member of the German Socialist Party SPD
Brindisi, port city on southeast heel of Italy
Jesse (son of Obed)
Tallahassee, capital of Florida
Ōnishi (Japanese surname)
to micromanage / to be controlling
to chat about this and that / to talk about anything and everything
Shaanxi / erroneous variant of 陝西|陕西 Shaanxi
to the west of (suffix)
Stacy (name)
democracy (loanword) (old)
Yuexi county in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture 涼山彞族自治州|凉山彝族自治州, south Sichuan
Huhsi township in Penghu county 澎湖縣|澎湖县 (Pescadores Islands), Taiwan
Parsi / Farsi / Persian
Taixi or Taihsi township in Yunlin county 雲林縣|云林县, Taiwan
Taixi or Taihsi township in Yunlin county 雲林縣|云林县, Taiwan

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