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variant of 復習|复习
complicated / complex
to photocopy / to duplicate a document
to duplicate / to make a copy of / to copy / to reproduce / to clone
to repeat / to duplicate / CL: 個|个
  *複* | 複* | *複
to repeat / to double / to overlap / complex (not simple) / compound / composite / double / diplo- / duplicate / overlapping / to duplicate
complex / compound / composite / hybrid
to complicate / to become complicated
to sit for the second round of a two-stage exam
plural / complex number (math.)
compound prescription (involving several medicines)
(sports) semifinal or quarterfinal / to compete in a semifinal (or a quarterfinal)
replica / reproduction
double / multiple / compound / combined / double-entry (accounting)
to duplicate / to carbon copy
tangled and complicated (idiom)
compound interest
composite material
complex system
photocopy / duplicate
carbon paper
to repeat (one's own words or sb else's) / (in the classroom) to paraphrase what one has learned
two-character surname such as 司馬|司马 or 諸葛|诸葛
check box
(math.) complex variable
multiple track (e.g. rail) / multi-lane (e.g. highway) / the complex line (math.)
bipinnate leaf (in phyllotaxy)
double hearing / diplacusis
photocopier paper
compound word / polysyllabic word
compound word
compound phrase
compound eye
composite bow (archery)
compound leaf (botany)
function of a complex variable (math.)
(of an audio device) to repeat a recorded phrase (e.g. for language learning)
plural form (of a countable noun)
double vision / diplopia
semiconservative replication
repeated segment (networking)
complex plane (math.) / Argand plane
late Ming cultural renewal movement, led by Zhang Pu 張溥|张溥 and others
(math.) theory of functions of a complex variable
compound final
computational complexity (math.)
complex plane
compound ratio (i.e. the product of two or more ratios)
field of complex numbers (math.), usually denoted by C
complex conjugate number (math.)
repetitive strain injury (RSI)
repetitive strain injury (RSI)
reduplication of words or syllables (as a stylistic device in Chinese)
complex conjugate (math.) / complex conjugation
diphthong (such as putonghua ɑi, ei etc)
compound word such as 玫瑰 or 咖啡, whose meaning is unrelated to the component hanzi, which often cannot be used singly
Golgi complex (in cell biology)
digenetic trematode worm (i.e. from Order Digenea 複殖目|复殖目)
variant of 複疊|复叠
repetition / duplication / reduplication / anadiplosis
diphthong / liaison
duplicate context
diphthong / compound vowel
disyllabic word / polysyllabic word
compound word such as 教室 or 國家|国家, whose meaning is related to the component hanzi, unlike compounds such as 玫瑰
Order Digenea (including trematode worms that parasite humans)

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