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to duplicate / to make a copy of / to copy / to reproduce / to clone
  *製* | 製* | *製
to manufacture / to make
to record (video or audio)
custom-made / made-to-order / to have something custom made / also written 定製|定制
self-made / improvised / homemade / handmade
to draw / to draft
to weave / to plait / to compile / to put together (a lesson plan, budget etc)
to supervise the manufacture of / to supervise the shooting of films / executive producer (film)
to make a copy / to reproduce / to remake (a movie)
to print / to produce (a publication)
to concoct / to invent / to fabricate / to produce / to process / processing and curing (Chinese medicine)
to compound (medicines etc) / to prepare (by mixing ingredients) / to concoct
production / manufacture
prefabricated / precut / to prefabricate
to manufacture / to develop
made of bamboo
to concoct by mixing ingredients / to prepare according to a recipe / to make (a salad, a cocktail, cosmetics etc)
custom-made / made-to-order / to have something custom made
to prepare (food etc) using a secret recipe
(chemistry) to refine
to fire (in a kiln)
to copy / to imitate / to make by imitating a model
to sew / to make (clothes, bedding)
to try out a new product (or manufacturing process) / prototype / trial product
made of steel / steel (bar, screw, product etc)
made in France
homemade / earthen
to bake
to produce (a TV show etc)
drawing (manufacturing process in which hot metal or glass is stretched)
to make by hand / handmade
lit. to follow the recipe (idiom) / fig. to follow a set pattern
American made
made of silver
machine processed / machine made / mechanism
to create / to inaugurate / to contrive / to build (a mechanism)
rolling steel
to tailor / to make clothes
to tan (leather) / tanning
marinated / to make by pickling, salting or curing
semiconservative replication
forced submission / to exploit advantage to force sb to do one's bidding
to refine / to extract
incentive mechanism / motivation method
to make more of the same thing / to reproduce / to reprocess / to remanufacture
to forge (silverware, metal implements etc)
to copy (a model)
lit. to follow the recipe (idiom) / to follow the same plan

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