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  *装* | 装* | *装
adornment / to adorn / dress / clothing / costume (of an actor in a play) / to play a role / to pretend / to install / to fix / to wrap (sth in a bag) / to load / to pack
to install / to erect / to fix / to mount / installation
to decorate / interior decoration / to fit up / to renovate
to feign / to pretend
dress / clothing / costume / clothes / CL:
to decorate / decoration / decorative / ornamental
to load or unload / to transfer / to assemble and disassemble
arms / equipment / to arm / military / armed (forces)
to pack / to package / to wrap / packaging
equipment / to equip / to outfit
outfit or suit (of clothes) / set of coordinated items / kit
to construct by hoisting ready-built components into place
to mount (a picture) / to dress / to adorn / decoration / packaging
men's clothes
women's clothes
to install / installation
paperback / plainly packaged / opposite: 精裝|精装
to pretend / to feign / to act a part
ancient costume / period costume (in movies etc)
fashion / fashionable clothes
to encapsulate / to enclose / to wrap / to seal inside
to assemble; to put together
(computing) to reinstall
to equip / to fit out / to get ready (for a journey) / to arrange (clothes) to be ready
to assemble / to fit together
paperback / paper-cover
(of a receptacle etc) to contain
splendid clothes / rich attire / one's Sunday best
variant of 裝屄|装屄
to pretend to be (asleep etc) / to disguise oneself as / pretense / disguise / (military) to camouflage / camouflage
binding and layout (of a book etc)
loose goods / goods sold open / draft (of beer, as opposed to bottled)
casual dress
Tang suit (traditional Chinese jacket)
to load sth onto a ship etc
to load / to stow
bookbinding / to bind (books etc)
vehicle armor
suit / Western-style clothes / CL:
(linguistics) to invert (word order)
clothes and other items packed for traveling / baggage / luggage
dressed in Western-style clothes / impeccably attired
fitted with
to divide into portions / to package in smaller quantities / to separate into loads
fashion show
upper garment
to dress up in disguise (idiom); to pretend for the purpose of deceit
to assemble
to dress / dress / clothes / outfit
to install / installation / equipment / system / unit / device
to change one's costume / to repackage / to remodel / to refit / to modify / to convert
military uniform
Chinese dress
to act stupid / to pretend to be naive
to ship / shipment
overalls (clothing) / coveralls
genuine / intact in original packaging (not locally assembled and packaged)
container ship
to put on an act (idiom); to show affectation / to indulge in histrionics
hardcover (book) / elaborately packaged / opposite: 簡裝|简装
Chinese tunic suit
lit. to pretend to be in contact with supernatural beings (idiom) / fig. to engage in hocus-pocus
attire / clothing
(of a man) to dress as a woman (idiom)
to decorate; to adorn; to dress up / to disguise oneself
prefabricated / preinstalled / bundled (software)
variant of 裝潢|装潢
pants (trousers, shorts etc) / (Tw) pantsuit
to pretend / to pose as
to charge (ammunition into gun) / to load
posturing / pretentious / affected
children's clothing
martial attire
to pretend / to feign / to disguise oneself
to play deaf-mute
Western-style dress
formal dress
to act stupid / to play dumb / to pretend to not know
to install / to fit (e.g. a light bulb)
to get ready (for a journey) / ready and waiting
to load / to charge / to feed (esp. a machine)
(of actors) to make up / to disguise oneself
canned (food, coffee etc)
to load cargo onto a ship
to dress a corpse / shroud
bizarre dress
to dress up and make up (like an actor)
(of an actor) to remove makeup and costume / (computing) to uninstall; to unmount
to bundle up (one's possessions for a journey)
to decorate / to dress up / to deck
to pretend
optional (equipment)
crop top
ship equipment / to outfit a ship
self-loading (weapon, tape deck etc)
beautiful attire
to install; to fit / to load goods (on ships etc)

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