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to split up / to divide / to break up / fission / schism
  *裂* | 裂* | *裂
to split / to crack / to break open / to rend
to split open / to dehisce (of fruit or cotton bolls, to split open)
to rip apart / to tear / laceration / rent
cell division
to rupture / to fracture / to break down / (linguistics) plosion
to lose one's standing / to have one's reputation swept away / a complete defeat and fall from grace
fracture / rupture / to break apart
to rupture / to burst open / to break / to break off relations with / a rupture
to crack / cracked / fissured / creviced / (of skin) chapped
to rupture / to burst / to explode
to disintegrate / to shatter into small pieces
meiosis (in sexual reproduction)
to cut apart / to sever / to separate / to isolate
(of dry soil, skin etc) to crack / to chap
all split up and in pieces (idiom); disunity (in an organization) / complete lack of unity / to disintegrate / falling apart / to be at sixes and sevens
to split open / to cleave / to rend
to have a splitting headache (idiom)
lobe / longitudinal slit / vertical fracture
to be scared out of one's wits (idiom)
binary division (in bacterial reproduction)
heaven falls and earth rends (idiom); rocked by a major disaster / fig. violent revolution / major social upheaval
cleft palate
nuclear fission
to split / to crack / to burst (open)
hydraulic fracturing / fracking
to tear off a person's four limbs and head using five horse drawn carts (as capital punishment) / to tear limb from limb
lateral sulcus or Sylvian fissure (neuroanatomy)
spina bifida
cleavage of fertilized ovum into cells
pinnation (splitting of leaves into lobes)
gill slit (in fish)
to split open / to split apart
meiosis (in sexual reproduction)
cleft palate (birth defect)
chap (lips, skin etc)
hair standing up and eyes wide in anger (idiom); enraged / in a towering rage
to rupture / to burst open / to break up
cleft lip and palate
split due to repeated folding / flex crack

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