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  *血* | 血* | *血
blood / colloquial pr. [xie3] / CL: ,
hot blood / warm-blooded (animal) / endothermic (physiology)
heart's blood / expenditure (for some project) / meticulous care
to bleed / bleeding / (fig.) to spend money in large amounts
qi and blood (two basic bodily fluids of Chinese medicine)
to bleed / to shed blood
to donate blood / also written 供血
to take blood / to draw blood (e.g. for a test)
to do a blood test / to have one's blood tested
to staunch (bleeding) / hemostatic (drug)
to enrich the blood
bloodthirsty / bloodsucking / hemophile
cerebral hemorrhage
to improve blood circulation (Chinese medicine)
to suck blood
cold-blood / cold-blooded (animal)
internal bleeding / internal hemorrhage
to transfuse blood / to give aid and support
bloodbath / carnage
menstruation (TCM)
blood shed in a just cause
blood clot
blood loss
melodramatic / contrived
to let blood (Chinese medicine) / to bleed / to stab sb (slang)
lack of blood
having blood in one's stool
cerebral hemorrhage / stroke
hyperemia (increase in blood flow) / blood congestion
lit. to spit out one's heart and spill blood (idiom) / to work one's heart out / blood, sweat and tears
variant of 瘀血
to bleed from the nose / (fig.) to be sexually aroused
to donate blood
flesh and blood / one's offspring
to overreact / melodramatic
stroke / cerebral hemorrhage
lit. to inject chicken blood / (coll.) extremely excited or energetic (often used mockingly)
clotted blood / extravasated blood (leaking into surrounding tissue) / thrombosis
warm blooded (animal)
devour raw meat and fowl (of savages)
to smear one's lips with the blood of a sacrifice as a means of pledging allegiance (old)
hemolysis (breakdown of red blood cells leading to anemia)
occult blood (in medicine, fecal blood from internal bleeding)
cerebral anemia
thalassemia (medicine)
aplastic anemia
to feel sick when seeing blood
(coll.) Rh-negative blood type
the cuckoo cries blood / fig. plaintive lament
lit. fat and blood / fruit of one's hard labor / flesh and blood
aplastic anemia (med.)
the body and blood of Christ / Holy communion
lit. to draw blood on the first prick (idiom) / fig. to hit the nail on the head
to make blood (function of bone marrow)
sickle cell anemia
to donate blood
variant of 喋血
blood loss anemia

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