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(chicken) egg / hen's egg / CL: 個|个,
  *蛋* | 蛋* | *蛋
variant of
  *蛋* | 蛋* | *蛋
egg / CL: 個|个, / oval-shaped thing
painted eggshell / Easter egg / (media) Easter egg (hidden feature in software or a movie etc) / post-credits scene
bad egg / scoundrel / bastard
cheek / face
scrambled eggs
(coll.) balls (testicles)
fool / idiot
to cause trouble / to stir up trouble
get out of here! / beat it!
breeding egg
scoundrel / bastard / hoodlum / wretch
fish ball
(coll.) to be done for
toy in a capsule (dispensed from a vending machine)
variant of 扯淡
peeled boiled egg, stewed in soy sauce and other flavorings
scrambled eggs
naughty / mischievous / to act up
iron egg, a Taiwanese snack made by stewing eggs in soy sauce and air-drying them each day for a week
thousand-year old eggs / preserved eggs
stupid young fellow / idiot
to lay eggs
tea egg (egg boiled with flavorings which may include black tea)
bird eggs
thousand-year egg / preserved egg
salted duck egg
scrambled eggs
boiled egg
scoundrel / bastard
toy in a capsule (dispensed from a vending machine)
(coll.) poor devil / unfortunate man
poor wretch / pauper / destitute man / poverty-stricken peasant / penniless good-for-nothing / impecunious vagabond
fried egg
lousy / rotten
idler / sluggard
love egg (sex toy)
frozen eggs
red-painted eggs, traditional celebratory gift on third day after birth of new baby
boiled egg / soft-boiled egg
oval-shaped stadium / dome / arena
cream sponge
(fig.) to score 0 (on a test, in competition etc)
fool / dolt
deserted (of a place)
(dialect) potato / rube / yokel
to talk irresponsibly / to talk nonsense
love egg (sex toy)
variant of 混蛋
lit. flies do not attack an intact egg (idiom) / fig. no smoke without a fire
to incubate
egg rolling (rolling of decorated, hard-boiled eggs down hillsides by children at Easter)
poached egg / egg fried on both sides
balut (boiled duck egg with a partly-developed embryo, which is eaten from the shell)
to talk shit / to drivel / bullshit
balut (boiled duck egg with a partly-developed embryo, which is eaten from the shell)
lit. (a place where) birds don't defecate and hens don't lay eggs (idiom) / fig. god-forsaken / remote and desolate
if you take too big a stride, you could easily rip your balls (catchphrase) (line spoken by actor 葛優|葛优 in the 2010 action comedy movie 讓子彈飛|让子弹飞) / (fig.) take things one step at a time
If the father is a hero, the son is a real man. If the father is a reactionary, the son is a bastard. (Cultural Revolution slogan) / fig. like father, like son
lousy / rotten
bastard (insult) / son of a bitch
butt cheek / rump
turtle's egg (highly offensive when directed at sb)
mischief / to make trouble
variant of 白扯淡

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