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  *号* | 号* | *号
ordinal number / day of a month / mark / sign / business establishment / size / ship suffix / horn (wind instrument) / bugle call / assumed name / to take a pulse / classifier used to indicate number of people
name / term of address / title
symbol / mark / sign
account / username
  *号* | 号* | *号
roar / cry / CL: 個|个
to number / numbering / serial number
account number
model (particular version of a manufactured article) / type (product specification in terms of color, size etc)
characters and numbers (as used in a code) / alphanumeric code / serial number
character size / font size / fame / reputation / shop / name of a shop
ordinal number / serial number / sequence number
code name
area code
parentheses / brackets
trumpet / small size (clothes etc) / (coll.) number one / to urinate / (humble) our store
order number
tuba / large size (clothes, print etc) / (polite) (your) name / (coll.) number two / to defecate
slogan / catchphrase / CL: 個|个
to register (at a hospital etc) / to send by registered mail
comma (punct.)
document identifier code (typically including an abbreviation for the name of the issuing organization, the date and a serial number)
punctuation / a punctuation mark
title granted to a person (archaic) / to ban an (online) account
2nd day of the month
student ID number
odd number (on a ticket, house etc)
first day of the month / toilet / (slang) top (in a homosexual relationship)
first rate / top rank / number one
vehicle number (license plate number, taxi number, bus number, train car number)
disconnected phone number / unassigned phone number
to dial a telephone number
question mark (punct.) / unknown factor / unsolved problem / interrogation
shop, firm, or brand of merchandise with a long-established reputation
plus sign + (math.)
semicolon (punct.)
large-sized (of clothes, shoes) / (old) to give an order / (old) to quit one's job in a store
(drug etc) approval number
quotation mark (punct.)
(registered) company
mark / symbol / notation / seal
full stop / period (punct.)
lot number / batch number
radical sign √ (math.)
(slang) bottom (in a homosexual relationship)
Space Shuttle Discovery
serial number / product key (software)
desirable number (for one's telephone, license plate etc) (i.e. one that includes memorable or auspicious combinations of digits)
exclamation mark ! (punct.)
colon (punct.)
to cry out loud without tears
number of military unit
consecutive serial numbers / chain (of supermarkets, hotels etc) / hyphen
time signature (music)
even number (on a ticket, house etc)
RMS Titanic, British passenger liner that sank in 1912
asterisk * (punct.)
the fifth / fifth day of a month
(slang) heroin
analog signal
(math.) equals sign =
electrical signal
Tianwen-1, Chinese mission to put a robotic rover on Mars launched in 2020
unsigned (i.e. the absolute value, regardless of plus or minus sign)
digital signal
issue (of journal) / number
Air Force One, US presidential jet
minus sign - (math.)
square brackets [ ]
negative value sign - (math.) / minus sign
tick / check mark (✓) / number for verification (serial number, seat number etc) / (fig.) two things match up
parentheses / round brackets ( )
reign title / era name (name for either the entire reign of an emperor or one part of it) / year number (such as 2016 or 甲子)
braces / curly brackets { }
secret signal (sign) / countersign / password
CRH-series high-speed trains operated by China Railway
name / good reputation / title
posthumous name and title
plus or minus sign ± (math.)
first issue
exclamation mark (punct.)
jumbo / king-sized
exclamation mark ! (punct.)
voice signal
to wail / to cry out in distress
one of the many names of Buddha
name in religion (of Buddhist or Daoist within monastery)
Chinese back-sloping comma 、 (punct. used to separate items in a list)
dash / Chinese dash ── (punct., double the length of the western dash)

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