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  *虞* | 虞* | *虞
surname Yu
  *虞* | 虞* | *虞
to expect / to anticipate / to worry / to cheat
Shangyu county level city in Shaoxing 紹興|绍兴, Zhejiang
Yucheng county in Shangqiu 商丘, Henan
Yucheng county in Shangqiu 商丘, Henan
lit. you hoodwink me and I cheat you (idiom); fig. mutual deception / each tries to outwit the other / dog eats dog and devil take the hindmost
Shangyu county level city in Shaoxing 紹興|绍兴, Zhejiang
not to be worried about / all taken care of
Yu Shun, one of Five legendary Emperors 五帝
Yu Shinan (558-638), politician of Sui and early Tang periods, poet and calligrapher, one of Four Great Calligraphers of early Tang 唐初四大家
safe and secure
Yu Xi, Chinese astronomer (c. 270-345), known for discovering the earth's precession
Yu Yinglong, Yuan dynasty scholar, collaborated on the geographical encyclopedia Dayuan Dayi Tongzhi 大元大一統誌|大元大一统志
no fear of deficiency / sufficient / abundant
not having to worry about food and clothes (idiom) / provided with the basic necessities
zouyu (mythical animal) / official in charge of park animals / name of an archaic ceremonial tune
Poverty is a stranger to industry. (idiom)
worrisome / precarious / to be at risk
unexpected / eventuality / contingency / not worry about

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