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tiger / CL: 隻|只
careless / sloppy / negligent / skimpy
to wolf down one's food (idiom); to devour ravenously / to gorge oneself
(coll.) eye tooth (maxillary canine tooth)
  *虎* | 虎* | *虎
tiger / CL: 隻|只
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, movie by Ang Lee 李安
lit. hidden dragon, crouching tiger (idiom) / fig. talented individuals in hiding / concealed talent
outstanding people / water and fire (in Daoist writing)
the Bocca Tigris, a narrow strait in the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong / Humen Town 虎門鎮|虎门镇
gecko / house lizard
Yahoo, Internet portal
Huqiu district of Suzhou city 蘇州市|苏州市, Jiangsu
White Tiger (the seven mansions of the west sky) / (slang) hairless female genitalia
valiant general
tiger cub / brave young man
Boston ivy or Japanese creeper (Parthenocissus tricuspidata)
slot machine
tremendous strength (idiom)
Huqiu district of Suzhou city 蘇州市|苏州市, Jiangsu
Flying Tigers, US airmen in China during World War Two / Hong Kong nickname for police special duties unit
Humen Town, also known as Taiping 太平, a town within Dongguan prefecture-level city 東莞市|东莞市, Guangdong
lit. the dragon wars, the tiger battles (idiom); fierce battle between giants
careless / casual / vague / not so bad / so-so / tolerable / fair
tiger tally (a two-piece object made in the shape of a tiger, used in ancient China as proof of authority. One half of a tally could be issued to a military officer and this would be matched with the other half when verification was required.)
crouching tiger / fig. major figure in hiding / concealed talent
Liu Bei's five great generals in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, namely: Guan Yu 關羽|关羽, Zhang Fei 張飛|张飞, Zhao Yun 趙雲|赵云, Ma Chao 馬超|马超, Huang Zhong 黃忠|黄忠
Amur tiger (Panthera tigris altaica)
to glare like a tiger watching his prey (idiom) / to eye covetously
to subdue a tiger / fig. to prevail over sinister forces
killer whale (Orcinus orca)
lit. tiger's head, snake's tail (idiom); fig. a strong start but weak finish
Hulin county level city in Jixi 雞西|鸡西, Heilongjiang
lit. like wolves and tigers / ruthless
to play dumb / to slack off (idiom)
Year of the Tiger (e.g. 2010)
vigorous / formidable / strong
sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight / watch in safety whilst others fight then reap the rewards when both sides are exhausted (idiom)
back of a tiger and waist of a bear / tough and stocky build
to vanquish dragons and tigers (idiom)
tiger's den / dangerous place / the web between the thumb and forefinger of a hand
fierce tiger
South China Tiger
lit. the fox exploits the tiger's might (idiom); fig. to use powerful connections to intimidate people
Tang Bohu or Tang Yin 唐寅 (1470-1523), Ming painter and poet, one of Four great southern talents of the Ming 江南四大才子
vise / pincer pliers
fight between powerful contenders
stumbling block
to turn pale at the mention of a tiger (idiom) / to be scared at the mere mention of
paper tiger
two tigers fighting (idiom); fierce contest between evenly matched adversaries
lit. drawing a tiger using a cat as a model (idiom); fig. to follow a model and get things more or less right but without capturing the spirit of the subject / uninspired imitation
saber-toothed tiger
tiger bone (used in TCM)
piranha (fish)
to act as accomplice to the tiger / to help a villain do evil (idiom)
lit. dragon soaring and tiger leaping (idiom) / fig. prosperous and bustling / vigorous and active
lit. lively dragon and animated tiger (idiom) / fig. vigorous and lively
How do you catch the tiger cub without entering the tiger's lair? (idiom); Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
lit. to nurture a tiger invites calamity / fig. to indulge one's enemy is asking for trouble (idiom)
to lure the tiger from its domain in the mountains (idiom) / to lure an enemy away from his territory
Old Barag banner in Hulunbuir 呼倫貝爾|呼伦贝尔, Inner Mongolia
Eldrick "Tiger" Woods (1975-), American golfer
Year 3, year of the Tiger (e.g. 2010)
Huwei town in Yunlin county 雲林縣|云林县, Taiwan
if you ride a tiger, it's hard to get off (idiom); fig. impossible to stop halfway
New Barag left banner in Hulunbuir 呼倫貝爾|呼伦贝尔, Inner Mongolia
New Barag right banner in Hulunbuir 呼倫貝爾|呼伦贝尔, Inner Mongolia
hot spell during autumn / Indian summer
Tiger Brand (beer)
lit. newborn calves do not fear tigers (idiom) / fig. the young are fearless
in the country of the blind the one-eyed man is king
lit. hidden dragon, crouching tiger (idiom) / fig. talented individuals in hiding / concealed talent
man with a big smile and evil intentions
"Tiger Vegetable Salad," Northeast China dish usually consisting of hot pepper, cucumber, cilantro and leek
bench vise
cholera (loanword)
three men talking makes a tiger (idiom); repeated rumor becomes a fact
lit. coiled dragon, crouching tiger (idiom) / fig. talented individuals in hiding / concealed talent
a tiger, though cruel, will not devour its cubs (idiom) / even wild beasts look after their young
lit. where tigers crouch and dragons coil (idiom); fig. forbidding terrain
Hei Hu Quan - "Black Tiger Fist" - Martial Art
Yang Hucheng (1893-1949), Chinese warlord and Nationalist general
liger, hybrid cross between a male lion and a tigress
goby (flat fish, Gobiidae)
a deliberate show of strength as a warning
Shi Hu (295-349), emperor of Later Zhao 後趙|后赵
leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) / sculpted stone tiger installed at the tomb of revered figures in ancient times to ward off evil spirits
lit. the mountain can't have two tigers (idiom) / fig. this town ain't big enough for the two of us / (of two rivals) to be fiercely competitive
Tiger Leaping Gorge on the Jinsha River 金沙江 in Lijiang Naxi autonomous county 麗江納西族自治縣|丽江纳西族自治县, Yunnan
two tigers fight (idiom); fig. a dispute between two powerful adversaries / a battle of the giants
being close to the sovereign can be as perilous as lying with a tiger (idiom)
jackals, wolves, tigers and panthers (idiom) / animals who are dangerous to man and cattle / fierce and cruel people
tiger bench (torture method in which the victim sits with legs extended horizontally along a bench, upper legs held down with straps while bricks are inserted under the feet, forcing the knee joint to bend in reverse)
lit. a lamb in a tiger's den (idiom) / fig. to tread dangerous ground
lit. to fear the wolf in front and the tiger behind (idiom) / fig. to be full of needless fears / reds under the beds
like a hungry tiger pouncing on its prey

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