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to hoard / to collect / collection / to bookmark (Internet)
to hide / to conceal / to mask / to shelter / to harbor (i.e. keep sth hidden) / to hide oneself / to lie low / to nestle / hidden / implicit / private / covert / recessed (lighting)
Tibet / Xizang or Tibetan autonomous region 西藏自治區|西藏自治区
  *藏* | 藏* | *藏
Tibet / Xizang 西藏
  *藏* | 藏* | *藏
to conceal / to hide away / to harbor / to store / to collect
  *藏* | 藏* | *藏
storehouse / depository / Buddhist or Taoist scripture
precious mineral deposits / hidden treasure / (fig.) treasure / (Buddhism) the treasure of Buddha's law
collection / to collect (valuables)
repository of items of cultural significance / collection
refrigeration / cold storage / to keep (food, medicine) in cold environment
to store / deposit / (oil, mineral etc) deposits
to collect in a museum or library / museum collection / library holdings
to hide / to conceal
Qinghai and Tibet
to store up / to hoard / deposits
secret store / a stash (of contraband)
to hold in store / to contain (untapped reserves etc)
to bury / to hide by burying / hidden
Sichuan and Tibet
to play hide-and-seek
hidden beneath the surface / buried and concealed
to conceal oneself / to go into hiding / to take cover
Tripitaka (602-664) Tang dynasty Buddhist monk and translator, who traveled to India 629-645 / same as 玄奘
Kṣitigarbha, the Bodhisattva of the Great Vow (to save all souls before accepting Bodhi) / also translated Earth Treasury, Earth Womb, or Earth Store Bodhisattva
mineral resources
pro-Tibet / to support Tibet / to support Tibetan independence
keep in store / preserve
Yunnan and Tibet
Tripitaka (602-664) Tang dynasty Buddhist monk and translator, who traveled to India 629-645 / same as 玄奘
hidden / covered / concealed
hidden / a hidden treasure (often a Buddhist relic) / to keep secret
to harbor / to shelter
to contain / to harbor / to conceal
to be in hiding
lit. the birds are over, the bow is put away (idiom); fig. to get rid of sb once he has served his purpose
to store / to have sth in storage
sow in spring, develop in summer, harvest in autumn, store in winter (idiom)
tall and strongly built / stalwart / courageous
Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet
to hibernate / to hide away
Daoist scripture
state treasury, also written 帑臧

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