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monthly income (in kind)
  *薪* | 薪* | *薪
fuel / salary
high salary
leave of absence without pay (Tw)
annual salary
to raise salary
daily wage
to pay wages or salary
to cut wages
basic salary / base pay / salary floor
to take drastic measures to deal with a situation / to pull the carpet from under sb
to owe wages / back pay / wages arrears
lit. a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood (idiom); fig. an utterly inadequate measure
to receive one's regular salary (while on vacation, study leave etc) / paid (leave) / on full pay
weekly salary
to receive a raise in salary
lit. to bend the chimney and remove the firewood (to prevent fire) (idiom) / fig. to take preventive measures
lit. to put a fire under a pile of firewood (idiom) / fig. hidden danger / imminent danger
add firewood to put out the flames (idiom); fig. ill-advised action that only makes the problem worse / to add fuel to the fire

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