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  *薄* | 薄* | *薄
surname Bo
  *薄* | 薄* | *薄
thin / cold in manner / indifferent / weak / light / infertile
  *薄* | 薄* | *薄
meager / slight / weak / ungenerous or unkind / frivolous / to despise / to belittle / to look down on / to approach or near
  *薄* | 薄* | *薄
see 薄荷
light (weight) / frivolous / a philanderer / to scorn / disrespectful
membrane / film / CL: 層|层
weak / frail
field mint / peppermint
scanty / meager
thickness / also pr. [hou4 bo2]
to favor one and discriminate against the other (abbr. for 厚此薄彼)
weak link / loophole
gauze (cloth)
thin plate / sheet / lamina / Taiwan pr. [bo2 ban3]
small profit but rapid turnover
thin slice / thin section / flake / Taiwan pr. [bo2 pian4]
weak / frail / thin / flimsy
thin / light / flagging / faint
thin layer / thin slice / film / lamina / lamella
lit. to have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly (idiom) / good preparation is the key to success / to be well prepared
unkind / harsh / cutting / mean / acrimony / to embezzle by making illegal deductions
small profits
thin flat cake / pancake / pizza
supremely honorable and righteous
mist / haze
Bo Xilai (1949-), PRC politician, appointed to the Politburo in 2007, sentenced in 2013 to life imprisonment for corruption and misconduct
thin / rarefied
my humble effort / my meager contribution (humble)
lit. as if walking on thin ice (idiom) / fig. to be extremely cautious / to be skating on thin ice
to be unduly humble (idiom) / to undervalue oneself
crispy / thin and brittle / a crispy fried cracker
at dawn
to gush / to squirt / to surge / to well out / to overflow
thin lens (optics)
dusk / twilight
(of land) infertile / barren
tissue / kleenex
Bo Yibo (1908-2007), ranking PRC politician, served on State Council from 1950s to 1980s as colleague of Deng Xiaoping
inconstant in love / fickle
sharp and unkind (words)
to be born under an unlucky star (usu. of women) / to be born unlucky
meanness and generosity / intimacy and alienation
beautiful women suffer unhappy fates (idiom)
thin-skinned / sensitive
humble / meager / thin / to despise
my meager sensibilities / blushing face / please do it for my sake (i.e. to save my face)(humble)
peppermint oil
bashful / shy
to be on the verge of eruption (idiom) / (of the sun) to emerge in all its brilliance
lit. to praise the dead and revile the living / fig. to live in the past (idiom)
dilute wine / insipid wine / I'm sorry the wine I offer you is so poor (humble)
menthone (chemistry)
generous care but a thrifty funeral / to look after one's parents generously, but not waste money on a lavish funeral
harsh and merciless (idiom)
variant of 蠶箔|蚕箔
light silk / silk chiffon
poor and with few means of subsistance (idiom) / destitute
savory (herb)
foil / Taiwan pr. [jin1 shu3 bo2 pian4]
to despise / to look down upon sth
Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375), Italian writer, poet, and humanist, author of Decameron 十日談|十日谈
diluted earnings per share
thin coat, meager food (idiom); life of wretched poverty / destitute
(idiom) frivolous
meager estate / small means
to neglect one's parents but give them a rich funeral / hypocrisy in arranging a lavish funeral after treating one's parents meanly
to revere the past and neglect the present (idiom)
barren land / poor soil
small reward (for work) / meager remuneration
lit. light mouth, thin tongue (idiom); hasty and rude / caustic and sharp-tongued
to lack the necessities of life
oil sheet
little virtue and meager abilities (idiom); I'm a humble person and not much use at anything (Song writer Ouyang Xiu 欧阳修)
garrulous and sharp-tongued
to despise / to scorn
thinning scissors
mean treatment / indifference / meager hospitality
lit. light mouth, thin tongue (idiom); hasty and rude / caustic and sharp-tongued
to favour one and discriminate against the other
my meager gift (humble)
fickle / inconstant person
at dusk / evening
frivolous / philandering
barren field / poor land
meager skill / my poor talents (humble)
eggshell china
vast area / all the way to the sea
to be unlucky
lit. the sun sets in Yanzi (idiom) / fig. the day is drawing to an end / the last days (of a person, a dynasty etc)
Raymond Burghard (1945-), US diplomat and ambassador to Vietnam 2001-2004, chairman of American Institute in Taiwan from 2006
dim light / early dawn

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