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  *葉* | 葉* | *葉
surname Ye
  *葉* | 葉* | *葉
leaf / page / lobe / (historical) period / classifier for small boats
tea / tea leaves / CL: , , ,
Chiba (Japanese surname and place name)
red autumnal leaves
maple leaf
tree leaves
(fig.) actor playing a supporting role
dead leaves / to lose leaves (of plants) / deciduous
Juliet or Juliette (name)
tripe (stomach lining of cattle etc used as food)
cotyledon (first embryonic leaf)
Charles Fourier (French sociologist and socialist, 1772-1837)
mid- (e.g. mid-century) / middle period
branch and leaf
pattra palm tree (Corypha umbraculifera), whose leaves were used as paper substitute for Buddhist sutras
parietal lobe
bay leaf / laurel leaf
Juliet or Juliette (name)
silver leaf
newly-grown leaves / tender leaves
frontal lobe
mugwort leaf (TCM) / Folium Artemisiae argyi
broad-leaved (tree)
bay leaf / laurel leaf
lit. as the autumn gale sweeps away the fallen leaves (idiom); to drive out the old and make a clean sweep
Romeo and Juliet, 1594 tragedy by William Shakespeare 莎士比亞|莎士比亚
golden branch, jade leaves (idiom); fig. blue-blooded nobility, esp. imperial kinsmen or peerless beauty
leaf tobacco
dried leaf
early part (of a decade, century etc) / the first years
dead leaf / withered leaf
bipinnate leaf (in phyllotaxy)
final years / end (of a decade, era etc)
senna leaf (Folium sennae)
omasum / beef tripe
temporal lobe
dicotyledon (plant family distinguished by two embryonic leaves, includes daisies, broadleaved trees, herbaceous plants)
needle-leaved (tree)
Sauropus spatulifolius Beille (shrub of the Euphorbiaceae family)
lobe of the brain
occipital lobe
Shia (a movement in Islam)
to become bogged down in the details (idiom)
compound leaf (botany)
the first half (of a period)
coriander leaf
monocotyledon (plant family distinguished by single embryonic leaf, includes grasses, orchids and lilies)
leaf (usually bamboo or reed leaf) used to wrap 粽子 sticky rice dumplings
autumn leaf
Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Fourier (French mathematician, 1768-1830)
alternate phyllotaxy (leaf pattern)
coriander leaf
Braille (name) / Louis Braille (1809-1852), French educator who invented braille
insect-catching leaf
Charles Messier (1730-1817), French astronomer who catalogued nebulas and galaxies
laurel leaf / bay leaf
Phrynium capitatum
incomplete leaf
thick stems and broad leaves (idiom) / boorish / rough and ready / sloppy
Sanskrit on Talipot palm leaves (idiom); Buddhist scripture
latter half (of a decade, century etc)

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