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to obtain / to receive / to get
to gain / to get / to acquire
  *获* | 获* | *获
to catch / to obtain / to capture
  *获* | 获* | *获
to reap / to harvest
be honored with
to win an award
variant of 收穫|收获
to harvest / to reap / to gain / crop / harvest / profit / gain / bonus / reward
to learn of sth / to find out / to get news
to receive / to be given / to be presented with
to catch / to capture / to seize
profit / to obtain benefits / benefits obtained
victorious / to win / to triumph
to be punished
to be punished
to obtain permission
to arrest
to uncover (a criminal plot) / to break open and capture
to rescue / to be rescued
prize-winner / laureate
to capture / to seize
recovery / to recover
Huojia county in Xinxiang 新鄉|新乡, Henan
to track down and seize (a criminal suspect, contraband etc)
to intercept / to cut off and capture
to profit from sth / to get benefit
to capture (enemy property or personnel) / capture (physics: absorption of subatomic particle by an atom or nucleus)
to learn of (an event) / to hear about (sth)
to seize total victory (idiom); an overwhelming victory / to win by a landslide (in election)
Huojia county in Xinxiang 新鄉|新乡, Henan
you get what you put in / you reap what you sow
freed (from prison) / to obtain release
to gain nothing / to end up empty-handed
to reap without sowing (idiom)
to find / to pick up / to obtain
to apprehend / to capture / to seize
to capture
Chu Renhuo (17th century), author of historical novel Dramatized History of Sui and Tang 隋唐演義|隋唐演义
acquired (i.e. not inborn)
Huolu town, in Luquan 鹿泉市, Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄, Hebei
to find / to track down / to recover (sth lost)
Huolu town, in Luquan 鹿泉市, Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄, Hebei
no pain, no gain (idiom)
as if gaining the most precious treasure
to receive (a call, report etc)
harvest festival
to commit a crime
not expecting any reward / not asking for favors
capture (people)
to capture a prisoner / to take sb captive
(of a thief, smuggler etc) to be caught with stolen or illegal goods / to be caught red-handed
to find / to capture (after search) / to uncover (evidence)
to receive a report / to receive intelligence, information etc
to arrest / to apprehend
a sure catch / sth one is sure to obtain
neutron capture
The sooner you set to work, the sooner you'll reap the rewards. (idiom)
to capture / to apprehend
to search and seize

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