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to recommend / recommendation
  *荐* | 荐* | *荐
to recommend / to offer sacrifice (arch.) / grass / straw mat
to recommend sb / to give a referral
to recommend oneself (for a job)
recommendation letter
recommendation letter
to recommend
Mao Sui recommends himself (idiom); to offer one's services (in the style of Mao Sui offering his services to king of Chu of the Warring states)
job agency (arch.) / employment shop
to propose (for a job) / to nominate / to recommend
to recommend (in words) / to suggest
sacrum (bone at the base of the spine)
to pray for the soul of a deceased
to introduce / to recommend
sacrum (bone at the base of the spine)
straw mattress / palliasse
famine repeats unceasingly (idiom, from Book of Songs)
Qi Xi's recommendation (idiom); recommending the best person for the job independent of factional loyalty
employment agent (arch.) / job broker
to strongly recommend
court crown beneath straw shoe (idiom); everything turned upside down

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