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hero / CL: 個|个
unnamed hero
League of Legends (video game)
The Gallant Maid, novel by Manchu-born Qing dynasty writer 文康
Legend of the Condor Heroes, wuxia (武俠|武侠, martial arts chivalry) novel by Jin Yong 金庸 and its screen adaptations
lit. heroes usually agree (idiom); Great minds think alike.
Monument to the People's Heroes, at Tiananmen Square
solitary hero / maverick
Time makes the man (idiom). The trend of events brings forth the hero.
national hero
bold and courageous hero (idiom)
If the father is a hero, the son is a real man. If the father is a reactionary, the son is a bastard. (Cultural Revolution slogan) / fig. like father, like son
heroic rescue of a damsel in distress
a hero with no chance of using his might / to have no opportunity to display one's talents
even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beautiful woman (idiom)

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