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bitter / hardship / pain / to suffer / to bring suffering to / painstakingly
exhausting / hard / tough / arduous / to work hard / to go to a lot of trouble / hardship(s)
pain / suffering / painful / CL: 個|个
difficult / hard / arduous
hardworking / assiduous
painstakingly / with great trouble
deprivation / distressed / miserable
to bear hardships
strenuously / persistently / hard / painful
why bother? / is it worth the trouble?
pain and difficulties / suffering (of the people)
poverty-stricken / poor
to toil / hard work
to speak sarcastically / to make cutting remarks
to suffer untold hardships (idiom); trials and tribulations / with difficulty / after some effort
impoverished / destitute
to suffer hardship
to suffer every possible torment (idiom); bitter hardship / to bear one's cross
destitute but honest / poor and simple / spartan / austere
to make nothing of hardships
forlorn / miserable
to study hard / assiduous
to grumble / to complain / grievance
to spare no effort
shared delights and common hardships (idiom); to share life's joys and sorrows / for better or for worse
diligent / assiduous
good times and hardships / joys and tribulations / for better or for worse
to ponder earnestly / to give a lot of thought to sth
to whine about hardships / to complain of one's bitter lot / to complain / to grumble
to be born under an ill star
anxiety / distress
to sour / to turn sour / to curdle
(Buddhism) the pain of parting with what (or whom) one loves, one of the eight distresses 八苦
hardworking / assiduous
to share joys and sorrows / sharing good times and hard times / same as 同甘共苦
second persecution
to visit the poor and ask about their suffering (idiom)
pains (of illness) / sufferings (esp. in Buddhism)
sweet mouth, bitter heart (idiom); insincere flattery
physical pain / lit. skin and flesh suffer
expert craft from hard practice (idiom); hard-won skill / A masterpiece demands suffering.
unable to bear the pain (idiom)
A small hole not plugged will make you suffer a big hole (idiom); a stitch in time saves nine
bleak / miserable
suffering from injustice
to have suffered all kinds of hardships (idiom)
to feign and complain bitterly of being poverty stricken (idiom)
the eight distresses - birth, age, sickness, death, parting with what we love, meeting with what we hate, unattained aims, and all the ills of the five skandhas (Buddhism)
A small hole not plugged will make you suffer a big hole (idiom); A stitch in time saves nine.
a small hole not plugged will give you grief when it gets bigger (idiom) / a stitch in time saves nine
lit. the pain of being hanged upside down (idiom); fig. extremely critical situation / dire straits

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