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  *船* | 船* | *船
boat / vessel / ship / CL: 條|条, , 隻|只
  *舩* | 舩* | *舩
variant of
shipping / boats
steamship; steamer; steamboat / CL:
(maritime) dock
to load cargo onto a ship
to embark / to travel by ship / to ferry
captain (of a boat) / skipper
spaceship / spacecraft / dirigible / airship
pleasure boat / cruise ship
ship ticket
navy vessel / (coast guard) patrol boat
sailor / crew member
cargo ship / freighter
passenger ship
back end of a ship / aft
ship / boat / vessel
to row a boat / rowing boat / rowing (sport)
pirate ship / fig. venture of dubious merit / criminal gang / reactionary faction
hold of ship
fleet (of ships)
shipwreck / sunken boat / sinking ship
to capsize / (fig.) to suffer a setback or defeat
tugboat / boat towed by a tugboat / to tow a boat
the bow or prow of a ship
to punt / to pole a boat
to sail a boat / to navigate
to get on the boat
ship's bow
hovercraft / air cushion vehicle
the tide rises, the boat floats (idiom); fig. to change with the overall trend / to develop according to the situation
wooden boat
to charter a ship / to take a vessel on rent
to have a foot in both camps / to have a bet each way / to be having an affair
seagoing ship
fishing boat / same as 漁船|渔船
ship (e.g. providing regular passenger service)
ship's captain / owner of ship
dragon boat (used at 端午, the Dragon Boat Festival)
(oil) tanker / tank ship
the sides of a ship / (fig.) the dividing line between shipboard expenses and onshore freight charges
to become seasick
to charter a ship
hull / body of a ship
Chuanying district of Jilin city 吉林市, Jilin province
dockyard / shipyard
hull / body of a ship
person who lives and makes a living on a boat / boatman / boat dweller
ship's position
shipyard / shipbuilder's yard
sea freight / shipping
to set sail
boatman / boat builder
coxswain / steersman / boatswain (bo'sun)
mother ship
fishing boat / CL: 條|条
ship owner
man-of-war / naval vessel / warship
ice breaker
ship's registry
a canal lock
ship with several decks / turreted junk
people who live and make a living on boats
lit. to stand with each foot in a different boat (idiom) / fig. to have it both ways / to run after two hares / (especially) to have two lovers at the same time
barge; lighter
to meet with unexpected failure (idiom) / to fail miserably (where failure was not expected)
ship's sail
ship (commerce)
lit. when the boat reaches the bridge, it will pass underneath without trouble (proverb) / fig. everything will be all right
container ship
barge / pontoon / landing stage
lit. to push the boat with the current / fig. to take advantage of the situation for one's own benefit
merchant ship
whaler / whale catcher
to scull / to row a boat
target ship
side of boat or ship / gunwale
boatman / boat dweller
stern of boat
Stonecutters Island
Chuanying district of Jilin city 吉林市, Jilin province
rudder / helm of a ship
steamboat / steamship
wharf / quay
ship's hawser / rigging
armored ship
mailboat / ocean liner

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