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lively discussion with everybody talking at once
to be speechless / also pr. [ze2 she2]
dispute or misunderstanding caused by gossip / to talk sb round
stupefied / flabbergasted
to gossip / to argue unnecessarily
mouthpiece / spokesperson
argument / words / lips and tongue
tongue of flame
  *舌* | 舌* | *舌
used in 喇舌 to transcribe the Taiwanese word for "tongue"
  *舌* | 舌* | *舌
glib / oily-mouthed and smooth talking
loquacious / to have a loose tongue
to argue needlessly / to waste time explaining
tongue-tied / unable to speak (out of surprise, embarrassment etc)
talkative / to blather / to shoot one's mouth off / rap (genre of music)
agape and tongue-tied (idiom); at a loss for words / gaping and speechless
to parrot / to repeat uncritically what sb says
to gossip and meddle / to shoot one's mouth off / talkative
garrulous and sharp-tongued
to wag one's tongue / to speak glibly
awkward in speech
venomous tongue / sharp-tongued / harsh
to pass on stories (idiom); to sow dissension / to blab / to tell tales
(Tw) French kissing / to waggle one's tongue around / (from Taiwanese 抐舌, Tai-lo pr. [lā-tsi̍h])
to incite trouble between people (idiom)
to cluck / to trill
lit. light mouth, thin tongue (idiom); hasty and rude / caustic and sharp-tongued
ox tongue
vicious talk / malicious tongue
the lip or vibrating end of a reed in a wind instrument
to have a silver tongue / to have the gift of the gab
lit. a tongue like a reed (idiom) / fig. a glib tongue
to cause a dispute through boastful gossip (idiom)
lit. quick mouth and quick tongue / fig. to interrupt sb urgently and say one's piece / to chime in rapidly
to quarrel
lit. clumsy mouth and broken tongue (idiom); awkward speaker
struck dumb / speechless
to whistle down the wind / to waste one's breath (idiom)
incessant complaining
clumsy in speech / poor speaker
clumsy in speaking / awkward / inarticulate
garrulous and sharp-tongued
to argue needlessly / to waste time explaining
lit. light mouth, thin tongue (idiom); hasty and rude / caustic and sharp-tongued
to boast of one's quarrels to others (idiom)

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