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happy / glad / willing (to do sth) / in a cheerful mood
to revive / to rejuvenate
to revive / to revitalize / to invigorate / to re-energize
  *兴* | 兴* | *兴
surname Xing
  *兴* | 兴* | *兴
to rise / to flourish / to become popular / to start / to encourage / to get up / (often used in the negative) to permit or allow (dialect) / maybe (dialect)
  *兴* | 兴* | *兴
feeling or desire to do sth / interest in sth / excitement
Shaoxing prefecture level city in Zhejiang
Jiaxing prefecture-level city in Zhejiang
Xinxing county in Yunfu 雲浮|云浮, Guangdong / Xinxing or Hsinhsing district of Kaohsiung city 高雄市, south Taiwan
(of markets, industries, infectious diseases etc) rising / emerging / in the ascendant
Fuxing district of Handan city 邯鄲市|邯郸市, Hebei / Fuxing or Fuhsing township in Taoyuan county 桃園縣|桃园县, north Taiwan
Zhengxing district of Dandong city 丹東市|丹东市, Liaoning
resurgence / recovery / restoration
Daxing district of Beijing, formerly Daxing county
to go in for something in a big way / to undertake on a large scale
Yixing county level city in Wuxi 無錫|无锡, Jiangsu
Wuxing district of Huzhou city 湖州市, Zhejiang
Taixing county level city in Taizhou 泰州, Jiangsu
improvisation (in the arts) / impromptu / extemporaneous
Changxing county in Huzhou 湖州, Zhejiang
Dongxing district of Neijiang city 內江市|内江市, Sichuan / Dongxing county level city in Fangchenggang 防城港, Guangxi
Yongxing county in Chenzhou 郴州, Hunan
the Renaissance
Fuhsing township in Changhua county 彰化縣|彰化县, Taiwan
Boxing county in Binzhou 濱州|滨州, Shandong
cheerful and optimistic / in a good mood / gaily
Dexing county level city in Shangrao 上饒|上饶, Jiangxi
Huang Xing (1874-1916), revolutionary politician, close collaborator of Sun Yat-sen, prominent in the 1911 Xinhai Revolution 辛亥革命, murdered in Shanghai in 1916
to enjoy oneself to the full / to one's heart's content
Zixing county level city in Chenzhou 郴州, Hunan
Baoxing County in Ya'an 雅安, Sichuan
if the family lives in harmony all affairs will prosper (idiom)
Haixing county in Cangzhou 滄州|沧州, Hebei
Shixing County in Shaoguan 韶關|韶关, Guangdong
to add to the fun / to liven things up
Dingxing county in Baoding 保定, Hebei
to have one's spirits dampened / to feel disappointed
to rise suddenly / to grow vigorously
carnal desire
fashionable / popular
many things waiting to be done (idiom) / a thousand things to do
out of fashion / outmoded / impermissible / can't
refined and elegant attitude of mind
maybe / possibly / there is reason to believe
joyous / delighted / merry
interest / enthusiasm
Cao Buxing or Ts'ao Pu-hsing (active c. 210-250), famous semilegendary painter, one of the Four Great Painters of the Six Dynasties 六朝四大家
while in high spirits / feeling upbeat / on an impulse
interest in wine / passion for drinking
all neglected tasks are being undertaken (idiom) / work is now underway
Hamhung, North Korea
interest in dallying / in the mood for playing

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