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  *臺* | 臺* | *臺
platform / stage / terrace / stand / support / station / broadcasting station / classifier for vehicles or machines
balcony / porch
steps / flight of steps / step (over obstacle) / fig. way out of an embarrassing situation / bench (geology)
variant of 櫃檯|柜台
transmitter-receiver / broadcasting station / radio station / CL: 個|个,
stage presence, poise
Taibei or Taipei, capital of Taiwan
Taizhong or Taichung city in central Taiwan
Taibei or Taipei, capital of Taiwan
platform / terrace / flat-roofed building
  *臺* | 臺* | *臺
Taiwan (abbr.)
Taitung County in southeast Taiwan
Taiwan province (PRC term)
stage / proscenium / foreground in politics etc (sometimes derog.) / front desk / reception desk / (computing) front-end / foreground
radio station / broadcasting station / CL: 個|个,
balcony / patio / flat roof / terrace / deck (unroofed platform) / outdoor stage / ancient imperial celestial observation terrace
to officially launch (a policy, program etc) / to appear on stage / to appear publicly / (of a bar girl) to leave with a client
Taipei County in north Taiwan (now renamed 新北市)
abbr. for 台灣海峽|台湾海峡, Taiwan Strait
to visit Taiwan (esp. from PRC)
desktop computer
Taichung or Taizhong County in central Taiwan
window sill / window ledge
tableland / mesa
China and Taiwan
Shitai county in Chizhou 池州, Anhui
multi-platform (computing)
single-elimination open tournament (the winner stays on until he is himself defeated)
to appear on the same stage
to fall from power / to collapse / demise
(theater) to dismantle the stage / (fig.) to pull the rug out from under sb's feet / to undermine sb's plans
(Ming and Qing dynasties) daotai (title for an official responsible for supervising a circuit ), aka taotai and circuit intendant
display counter / stand / booth
lit. a pavilion near the water (idiom); fig. using one's proximity to the powerful to obtain favor
Chinese Taipei, name for Taiwan to which the PRC and Taiwan agreed for the purpose of participation in international events
signal station
Jintai District of Baoji City 寶雞市|宝鸡市, Shaanxi
to extricate oneself / way out
Taiwan media
to be put on the spot / to find oneself in an awkward situation
fort / battery
Blue House (Cheong Wa Dae), residence of the president of South Korea in Seoul
Maotai town in Renhuai county, Guizhou / Maotai liquor 茅臺酒|茅台酒
platform / stand
observation tower / lookout tower
pillar / mainstay / star performer
stylobate (architecture)
rostrum / platform / CL: 個|个
stage / arena / fig. in the limelight
Yintai District of Tongchuan City 銅川市|铜川市, Shaanxi
ink stone / ink slab / CL:
to go on stage
maotai (a Chinese liquor) / CL: ,
Yuhuatai district of Nanjing City 南京市 in Jiangsu 江蘇|江苏
small, poorly-equipped theatrical troupe that tours small towns and villages / (fig.) makeshift band of individuals / rough and ready outfit
runway (for a fashion show etc) / catwalk
defensive tower / lookout tower / enemy radio station
Tai'erzhuang district of Zaozhuang city 棗莊市|枣庄市, Shandong
Taiwan catty (weight equal to 0.6 kg)
Hantai District of Hanzhong City 漢中市|汉中市, Shaanxi
Ocean platform in Zhongnanhai 中南海 surrounded by water on three sides, recreation area for imperial wives and concubines, more recently for communist top brass
Mt Wutai in Shanxi 山西, one of the Four Sacred Mountains and home of the Bodhimanda of Manjushri 文殊
Taiwan spy
(dialect) balcony / terrace / (literary) high building / tower / (old) stage for theatrical performance
Radio Taiwan International (RTI)
railway platform
(dental implant) abutment
Diaoyu Islands, located between Taiwan and Okinawa, controlled by Japan – which calls them the Senkaku Islands – but claimed by China as part of its territory
Ögedei Khan (1186-1242), a son of Genghis Khan
Sifangtai district of Shuangyashan city 雙鴨山|双鸭山, Heilongjiang
Formosan mountain dog, a breed native to Taiwan
(polite) courtesy name
Taixi or Taihsi township in Yunlin county 雲林縣|云林县, Taiwan
Shitai county in Chizhou 池州, Anhui
platform / podium / rostrum / lectern / (teacher's) desk
lotus seat
Shuangtai district of Panjin city 盤錦市|盘锦市, Liaoning
flower bed / flower terrace / flower stand
Taku Forts, maritime defense works in Tianjin dating back to the Ming dynasty, playing a prominent role during the Opium Wars (1839-1860)
opening gong / gong strokes announcing start of opera performance
stove top / hob
Tai-lo, romanization system for Taiwanese Hokkien (abbr. for 臺灣閩南語羅馬字拼音方案|台湾闽南语罗马字拼音方案)
start of play / opening of theatrical performance
(bird species of China) rufous-crowned laughingthrush (Garrulax ruficeps)
to go to Taiwan / refers to those who left China for Taiwan before the founding of PRC in 1949
China, Hong Kong and Taiwan (abbr.)
to collapse
Taichung city in central Taiwan
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
diving platform / diving tower / landing platform
three women are enough for a drama (idiom)
too uncouth to appear in public (idiom) / unfit for a public role
to be unable to extricate oneself gracefully / to be put on the spot / to be embarrassed
to go off the stage / to fall from position of prestige / to step down (from office etc) / to disentangle oneself / to get off the hook
genre of song-and-dance duet popular in Inner Mongolia

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