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timidity / timid / cowardly
brazen / audacious / outrageous / bold / daring / fearless
courage / nerve / guts
cowardice / timid
  *膽* | 膽* | *膽
gall bladder / courage / guts / gall / inner container (e.g. bladder of a football, inner container of a thermos)
courage / boldness / guts
to tremble with fear (idiom) / scared witless
lit. heart alarmed, trembling in fear (idiom); prostrate with fear / scared witless
openly and without fear / brazenly
to fear / to be terrified
reckless / extremely daring
courage and insight
to act boldly
to dare (negative connotation) / to have the audacity to (do sth)
gall / bile
to get one’s courage up / to embolden
daring / bold / audacious
(courteous) to be so bold as to
hear the wind and lose gall (idiom); terror-stricken at the news
sea urchin
chicken-hearted (idiom) / gutless
panic-stricken / scared out of one's wits
choline (amine related to vitamin B complex)
gall bladder
to treat one another with absolute sincerity (idiom); to show total devotion
(saying) to be very scared and on edge
outrageously bold in one's lust / debauched (idiom)
bile duct
to be scared out of one's wits / to scare stiff
courage / bravery
daring / presumptuous / daredevil
courage and resource
boldness in pursuing one's sexual urges
courageous / bold
gall bladder
solitary hero / maverick
lit. to sleep on brushwood and taste gall (like King Gou Jian of Yue 勾踐|勾践), in order to recall one's humiliations) (idiom) / fig. to maintain one's resolve for revenge
bear gall (used in TCM)
courage / bravery
to be scared stiff
solitary hero / maverick
to tremble with fear
lit. red-bellied devotion (idiom); wholehearted loyalty / to serve sb with body and soul
lit. to open one's liver and drip gall (idiom); wholehearted loyalty
to pour out one's heart (idiom)
to be scared out of one's wits (idiom)
(coll.) bold / brazen / to have a lot of nerve
to be frightened to death
rough gentian / Japanese gentian (Gentiana scabra)
extremely daring (idiom) / foolhardy
devoid of fear (idiom) / intrepid
acetylcholine ACh (amine related to vitamin B complex)
gentian violet C25H30ClN3 / crystal violet
bile duct / biliary tract
frightening / frightened (idiom)
to eat bear heart and leopard gall (idiom) / to pluck up some courage
gallstone colic
to be scared out of one's wits
individually courageous
to be completely honest and sincere (idiom)
snake gall (used in TCM)
to proceed with sth even though scared / to put on a brave face
fullness for the bold, famine for the timid (idiom)
to be perverse and suggestive towards the opposite sex, but shrinking back when provoked to act on it / to have perverted thoughts but no guts to actually do it / to be all talk and no action
Conyza blinii
bold and courageous hero (idiom)
in mortal fear (idiom)
choline esterase (ChE), hydrolyzing enzyme in blood plasma
lit. to lie on firewood and taste gall (idiom); fig. suffering patiently, but firmly resolved on revenge
rare food / ambrosia (delicacy)

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