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(of a liquid) to boil / (of sentiments etc) to boil over / to flare up / to be impassioned
to toss from side to side (e.g. sleeplessly) / to repeat sth over and over again / to torment sb / to play crazy / to squander (time, money)
  *腾* | 腾* | *腾
to soar / to gallop / to prance / to turn over / to vacate / to clear
Pentium (microprocessor by Intel)
(of waves) to surge forward / to roll on in waves / to gallop
totem (loanword)
to disturb / to create confusion / to make a din
to turn over / to surge / to churn / to rummage / raging (torrent)
to rise / to ascend / to leap up
to fly swiftly upward / to soar
piping hot
to bubble / to fizz / to effervesce
(of a vapor etc) to rise / to hang in the air
steaming hot / (fig.) bustling / hectic / (fig.) excited / stirred up / (fig.) created only a short time before / freshly minted / hot off the press / (coll.) also pr. [re4 teng1 teng1]
(onom.) thud / flutter / flop
jubilation / great celebration / CL:
ferocious / murderous-looking
steaming / scathing
leisurely / unhurried / sluggish
to buy and sell / peddling
to turn over sth repeatedly
to move / to shift / to exchange / to buy and sell / peddling
Hexigten banner or Kesigüten khoshuu in Chifeng 赤峰, Inner Mongolia
seething discontent (idiom); popular grievances boil over
lit. ten thousand stampeding horses (idiom) / fig. with great momentum / going full speed ahead
to make a tumult / hubbub / uproar
soft and warm (of bread)
to run a long way around / fig. to speak vaguely around the topic without getting to the point / to beat about the bush
to surge up / raging (billows)
to be fired up (idiom) / to have one's blood racing
to jump about wildly (coll.)
forward somersault
backward somersault
abbr. for iQiyi 愛奇藝|爱奇艺, Youku 優酷|优酷 and Tencent 騰訊|腾讯
Wolf Totem, novel by Lü Jiamin 呂嘉民|吕嘉民 aka Jiang Rong 姜戎
flying somersault
Ma Huateng aka Pony Ma (1971-), Chinese business magnate, CEO of Tencent

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