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oral cavity
the pelvic cavity / birth canal
  *腔* | 腔* | *腔
cavity of body / barrel (e.g. engine cylinder) / compartment / tune / accent of speech
vocal music (in opera) / aria
full of (zeal, anger etc)
one's heart filled with / full of (joy)
posturing / pretentious / affected
a tune / a melody / accent (distinctive way of pronouncing a language) / tone (manner of expression) / elegance / refinement
abdominal cavity
vocal accompaniment in some traditional Chinese operas / to speak in support of / to chime in
articular cavity / joint cavity
Qinqiang, an opera style popular in northwest China, possibly originating in Ming dynasty folk music / Shaanxi opera
to answer / to respond / to converse
body cavity / coelom (biology)
thoracic cavity
nasal cavity
sissy / effeminate
to speak out / to start speaking
thoracic cavity / intonation / accent
sobbing tone / sob / dirge / opera tune portraying mourning
classy / stylish / upmarket
flippant and insincere (piece of writing or speech) / glib-tongued / oily
florid ornamentation in opera / coloratura
Coelenterata (such as jellyfish)
Sixian dialect of Hakka Chinese
a regional accent
gaoqiang, high-pitched opera singing style
stomatitis / ulceration of oral cavity / inflammation of the mucous lining of the mouth
full of enthusiasm
lacuna / gap
Wuhan accent
a general term for local operas in Shangxi, Henan, Hebei, Shandong etc / the music of such operas
to answer / to respond / to converse
cloaca / cloacal cavity (of bird, reptile etc)
cavity wall
marrow cavity (in long bones)
to speak with a foreign accent or using words from a foreign language (usually derogatory) (idiom)
strange accent / odd manner of speaking or singing
(of singing or speaking) very articulate pronunciation and vocalizing
Mycosphaerella (genus of sac fungus, a plant pathogen)
verbose / garrulous
coarse in speech and manner
small air cavity
to talk officiously / to assume the air of a functionary / to talk in official jargon

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