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  *脸* | 脸* | *脸
complexion / look
to wash your face
to blush / to redden (with shame, indignation etc)
to show one's face / to make one's good name / to become successful and well known / to shine
smiling face / smiley :) ☺ / CL:
shape of face / physiognomy
to lose face / humiliation
across one's whole face
cheek / face
to fall out with sb / to become hostile
baby face / doll face
to turn hostile suddenly / face changing, a device of Sichuan Opera, a dramatic change of attitude expressing fright, anger etc
white face / face painting in Beijing opera etc
types of facial makeup in operas
face / cheek
to have no sense of shame / shameless
features, face (esp. derogatorily) / look / appearance / countenance
bold / unafraid
attractive young man (usually derog.) / pretty boy / gigolo
to have an acrimonious falling-out / to shed all pretense of cordiality / to tear into each other
commode / dressing table / sink
to blush / to turn red
washbowl / basin for washing hands and face
facepalm / to do a facepalm
washbowl / basin for washing hands and face / CL: 個|个
sour face / scowling face / CL: 張|张,
(coll.) to look alike / to be a spitting image of
wry face / to grimace / to pull a face / comic face / face mask / devil mask
to look anxious (idiom) / to look miserable
oval face
yellow face (due to sickness etc) / yellow-skinned people
to pull a face / to grimace / to scowl
puzzled / bewildered
to know no shame / to be totally shameless
shameless / brazen
to cover the face / to bury one's face in one's hands
all smiles / smiling mischievously or ingratiatingly
brazen / shameless / impudent / cheek / thick-skinned
to welcome sb with a smiling face (idiom)
to be unable to keep a straight face (idiom)
strikes you in the face
sullen / to scowl miserably
ashamed / embarrassed / not having the face (to meet people) / not daring (out of shame)
(of the face) to harden / to sag
a person's face as seen from the front
self-respect of old person / face / thick-skinned (i.e. impervious to criticism) / brazen
variant of 臉型|脸型, shape of face / physiognomy
shop front / facade
square face
(polite) do me the honor
green in the face (idiom) / to look unwell
to shave one's face
cheek / face (often of child)
ashamed / embarrassed / not having the face (to meet people) / not daring (out of shame)
sour expression on one's face
square-jawed face
lit. having face / to have prestige / to command respect / to have the nerve (e.g. to ask sth outrageous) / to have the gall / not ashamed to
brazen faced (idiom); shameless
head and face filthy with grime (idiom) / covered in dirt / dejected and depressed
to lose face / humiliation
to save sb's face
to show warm feelings but meet with cold rebuke (idiom) / to be snubbed despite showing good intentions
to blush with shame
faded old woman
lit. splitting the head and covering the face (idiom); fig. pelting (with rain etc) / showering down
to have a taut face / to pull a long face / to look displeased
lit. to climb all over sb / fig. to take advantage of sb's weakness
a bloody nose and a swollen face / badly battered
facial expression
erhua variant of 笑臉|笑脸
to fall out with sb and become hostile
prosopagnosia / face blindness
facial contour / facial shape
to play the role of the villain (idiom)
to win honor / to put on a stern face / to have a facial (beauty treatment)
to grimace with displeasure / to pull a long face
cheek / face
all smiles / beaming from ear to ear
(jocularly) shame on you!
to play the role of the strict parent (or superior etc)
right in the face
(bird species of China) black-faced spoonbill (Platalea minor)
thin-skinned / sensitive
to weep / to snivel
erhua variant of 小白臉|小白脸
thick-skinned / brazen
lit. to swell one's face up by slapping it to look imposing (idiom); to seek to impress by feigning more than one's abilities
to pull a long face / sullen / also written 哭喪著臉|哭丧着脸
face / contour of face

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