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computer / CL: 臺|台
head / skull / brains / mental capability / CL: 顆|颗, 個|个
  *脑* | 脑* | *脑
brain / mind / head / essence
the mind / the brain
brains / mind / CL: 個|个
brain / cerebrum
brains / mind / skull / (fig.) gist (of a matter) / leader / boss
computer software
computer network / Internet
cerebral palsy
hindbrain / back of the head
cerebral infarction
cerebral hemorrhage
cerebellum (part of the brain)
brain disease / encephalopathy
head (of state) / summit (meeting) / leader
mental capacity
meninx / meninges / membranes lining the brain
to rack one's brains
skull / (fig.) brain (mental capacity)
ventricles of the brain
brain damage
cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
to refresh and clear the mind (idiom) / invigorating / bracing
all of it / lock, stock and barrel
to be a real headache / to find sth a real headache / to beat one's brains
lit. to be muddled in the brain (idiom); fig. excited and unable to act rationally / to go to one's head
lit. to be muddled in the brain (idiom); fig. excited and unable to act rationally / to go to one's head
camphor C10H16O
forehead (dialect)
leader / the one in control / main (part, character etc)
computer virus
dizzy and light-headed
brain death
(coll.) thickhead / thick skull (i.e. the brain of a thickhead)
skull / brain / head / mind / mentality / ideas
all brawn no brains
brain tumor
to stick one's head out and look around (idiom)
erhua variant of 一股腦|一股脑
to offer one's life in sacrifice
giddy / one's head spins
epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis (abbr. for 流行性腦膜炎|流行性脑膜炎)
back of the head
confused / dizzy / fainting
brain tissue / gray matter / brain / medulla
epidemic encephalitis B (abbr. for 乙型腦炎|乙型脑炎)
gyrus (neuroanatomy)
oafish; dull-witted
swelling of the head (physical condition) / fig. swellheaded / conceited
mind / memory
camphor balls / moth balls
brain stem
rash / impetuous / reckless
(idiom) overweight as a result of living a life of privilege
the spoon shape slope on the nape
lit. to behave like a thief / furtive / underhand
to banish from one's thoughts / to ignore / to take no notice
needle and thread / sewing implements / needlework / (fig.) unimportant thing
bovine spongiform encephalopathy, BSE / mad cow disease
brain death
rustic / uncouth / unsophisticated
the back of the head / (fig.) the back of one's mind
moronic / brainless / bonehead / retard
sneaky / furtive
western equine encephalitis (WEE) virus
(Internet slang) to imagine / to visualize
brain wave / EEG
coarse and arrogant / always in the right
brains (as food)
lobe of the brain
mind map
to be unable to make any sense of the matter / to be at a loss
lit. brain swelling / dizzy / light-headed / intoxicated
variant of 腦脹|脑胀
(anatomy) pons
(anatomy) pons
brain fluid
brains / gray matter
brains / mind / head / way of thinking
to use one's brain
lit. like a three-meter high monk, you can't rub his head (idiom) / fig. at a total loss
to use one's brains / to think
desktop computer
cerebral palsy / spasticity
hypothalamus (anatomy)

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