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mountain range / CL: 條|条
pulse (both medical and figurative)
  *脉* | 脉* | *脉
old variant of 脈|脉
  *脉* | 脉* | *脉
arteries and veins / vein (on a leaf, insect wing etc)
  *脉* | 脉* | *脉
  *脉* | 脉* | *脉
variant of 脈|脉
contacts / connections / network
pulse (physics)
blood vessels
arteries and veins / network of blood vessels / vascular system (of a plant or animal) / (fig.) fabric (i.e. underlying structure, as in "social fabric") / overall context
channel of TCM
pulse / throbbing / pulsation
pulmonary artery
aorta / principal artery
varicose veins
the rise and fall of the terrain (idiom) / (fig.) the whole sequence of events / causes and effects
to feel the pulse / to take sb's pulse
hardening of the arteries / arteriosclerosis
coronary artery
dragon's vein, terrain that looks like a dragon
affectionate / loving
intravenous injection
traceable to the same stock (idiom); of a common origin (of trends, ideas etc)
vein of ore
main artery (blood vessel) / fig. main highway / arterial road
geographical position according to the principles of feng shui 風水|风水 / ley lines
coronary / coronary artery
varicocele (medicine)
carotid artery (medicine)
condition or type of pulse (in Chinese medicine)
vascular (made up of vessels)
venation (pattern of veins on a leaf)
femoral artery
to feel the pulse (TCM) / Taiwan pr. [zhen3 mo4]
intravenous (medicine)
full of tender feelings (idiom); tender-hearted
electromagnetic pulse (EMP)
basilar artery (central artery of the brain)
choroid (vascular layer of the eyeball between the retina and the sclera)
to feel sb's pulse
full of tender feelings (idiom); tender-hearted
Hengduan mountains, several parallel mountain ranges on the border between west Yunnan and Sichuan and east Tibet
blood pressure
pulsar (astronomy)
Andes mountain chain of South America
(TCM) diagnosis based on the patient's pulse / to make such a diagnosis
node (center of energy) / acupuncture point / Chakra
inner side of the wrist, where the pulse is felt
capillary vein
twelve channels of TCM
an intravenous drip
to feel sb's pulse
pulse taken at the wrist (TCM)
Kunlun Mountain range
Qilian Mountains (formerly Richthofen Range), dividing Qinghai and Gansu provinces
Qinling mountain range in Shaanxi forming natural barrier between Guanzhong plain 關中平原|关中平原 and Han River 漢水|汉水 valley
abnormal pulse
lit. blood vessels swell wide (idiom) / fig. one's blood runs quicker / to be excited
to feel sb's pulse
vascular tissue
capillary artery
(mining) gangue / veinstone
Caucasus Mountains
Dangla or Tanggula Mountains on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Ural Mountains
(TCM) diagnosis, usu. written on the prescription / medical record
knotted or slow pulse (TCM)
to hit a pressure point (martial arts) / dim mak / see also 點穴|点穴
popliteal artery (anatomy)
quartz vein
Altai mountain chain on the border of Russia and Mongolia
thermal pulse
Gangdisê mountain range in southwest Tibet
Carpathian Mountains, 1500-km mountain range in Central and Eastern Europe
sluggish pulse
Truong Son Ra, mountain range forming the border between Vietnam and Laos and Kampuchea
Karakorum mountain range in west Xinjiang
pulse taken at the wrist (TCM)
coronary circulation
intravenous drug / IV drug
coronary bypass operation
weak pulse
to feel (take) the pulse
Rocky Mountains
netted veins / reticulated veins (of a leaf etc) / stockwork (geology)
nuclear electro-magnetic pulse
full of tender feelings (idiom); tender-hearted
popliteal vein (anatomy)
Hengduan mountains dividing Sichuan from Tibet
Helan Mountains, lying across part of the border between Ningxia and Inner Mongolia
location on wrist over the radial artery where pulse is taken in TCM
Daxing'anling mountain range in northwest Heilongjiang province

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