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  *胜* | 胜* | *胜
victory / success / to beat / to defeat / to surpass / victorious / superior to / to get the better of / better than / surpassing / superb (of vista) / beautiful (scenery) / wonderful (view) / (Taiwan pr. [sheng1]) able to bear / equal to (a task)
winning / superior
to prevail over / to defeat / to surmount
to determine victory / to obtain victory
victorious / to win / to triumph
Wusheng county in Guang'an 廣安|广安, Sichuan
a place famous for its scenery or historical relics / scenic spot / CL: 處|处
Yongsheng county in Lijiang 麗江|丽江, Yunnan
to enchant / fascinating
to score a victory / to prevail over one's opponents
to be certain of victory / to be bound to prevail
to defeat decisively / to win decisively / great victory / triumph
total victory / to excel by far / name of a tank / slam
BaiSheng, common name for Chinese company / PakSing, common Hong Kong company name
to score a convincing win / to crush (one's opponent)
to win; to prevail; to come out on top
to win by a narrow margin / to barely win / narrow victory
eager to win / competitive / aggressive
to triumph over an opponent
to triumph in every battle (idiom); invincible / to succeed in every undertaking
Dongsheng District of Ordos City 鄂爾多斯市|鄂尔多斯市, Inner Mongolia
lit. to win a victory on raising the flag (idiom); fig. to start on sth and have immediate success / success in a single move
to turn defeat into victory (idiom); to turn the tide
to emerge victorious in every battle / to be ever-victorious
to visit scenic spots
unable to contain one's joy (idiom)
rapid victory
(bird species of China) Eurasian hoopoe (Upupa epops)
competitive / ambitious and aggressive / to desire to beat others
an army burning with righteous indignation is bound to win (idiom)
to turn defeat into victory (idiom); snatching victory from the jaws of defeat
Chen Sheng (died 208 BC), Qin dynasty rebel, leader of the Chen Sheng Wu Guang Uprising 陳勝吳廣起義|陈胜吴广起义
to beat comfortably / to win easily / abbr. for 穩操勝券|稳操胜券, to have victory within one's grasp
to win by a surprise move
to follow up a victory / to pursue retreating enemy
cannot bear or stand / be unequal to / very / extremely
hat-trick (sports)
to seize total victory (idiom); an overwhelming victory / to win by a landslide (in election)
advantageous / strategic (position)
unable to control one's grief (idiom); overwrought / overcome with sorrow / heartbroken
to triumph in every battle and win every fight (idiom); all-conquering / ever victorious / nothing they can't do
to be even better than / to be superior to
fighting and winning a series of battles (idiom); ever victorious
Benny Chan (Hong Kong film director)

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