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victory / CL: 個|个
historical sites and scenic spots
victory or defeat / the outcome of a battle
survival of the fittest (idiom)
  *胜* | 胜* | *胜
victory / success / to beat / to defeat / to surpass / victorious / superior to / to get the better of / better than / surpassing / superb (of vista) / beautiful (scenery) / wonderful (view) / (Taiwan pr. [sheng1]) able to bear / equal to (a task)
winning / superior
to prevail over / to defeat / to surmount
to determine victory / to obtain victory
victorious / to win / to triumph
Wusheng county in Guang'an 廣安|广安, Sichuan
a place famous for its scenery or historical relics / scenic spot / CL: 處|处
Yongsheng county in Lijiang 麗江|丽江, Yunnan
well-known scenic spot
too many to count (idiom); innumerable
to enchant / fascinating
to score a victory / to prevail over one's opponents
to be certain of victory / to be bound to prevail
to defeat decisively / to win decisively / great victory / triumph
Deshengmen (Beijing)
total victory / to excel by far / name of a tank / slam
qualified / competent (professionally) / to be up to a task
odds of success / stratagem that ensures success / to be sure of success
BaiSheng, common name for Chinese company / PakSing, common Hong Kong company name
to win a court case
to score a convincing win / to crush (one's opponent)
to win; to prevail; to come out on top
to win by a narrow margin / to barely win / narrow victory
you can't guard against it (idiom) / impossible to defend effectively / not much one can do about it / It can't be prevented.
to surpass / better than / superior to
nothing more beautiful can be imagined (idiom)
eager to win / competitive / aggressive
to triumph over an opponent
to triumph in every battle and win every fight (idiom); all-conquering / ever victorious / nothing they can't do
to follow up a victory and press home the attack / to pursue retreating enemy
man can conquer nature (idiom); human wisdom can prevail over nature
to triumph in every battle (idiom); invincible / to succeed in every undertaking
Dongsheng District of Ordos City 鄂爾多斯市|鄂尔多斯市, Inner Mongolia
using the weak to defeat the strong (idiom); to win from a position of weakness
victory / victorious battle
lit. to win a victory on raising the flag (idiom); fig. to start on sth and have immediate success / success in a single move
Longsheng Various Nationalities Autonomous County in Guilin 桂林, Guangxi
too numerous to mention individually or one by one
wonderful scenery
reunion after an absence is sweeter than being newlyweds (idiom) / absence makes the heart grow fonder
to turn defeat into victory (idiom); to turn the tide
to emerge victorious in every battle / to be ever-victorious
victory or defeat / result
better than nothing (idiom)
using the few to defeat the many (idiom); to win from a position of weakness
unable to determine victory or defeat (idiom); evenly matched / to come out even / to tie / to draw
slightly better / a cut above
a general planning in the seclusion of his tent is able to determine the outcome of the distant battle (idiom)
to visit scenic spots
grasp it and victory is assured / to have success within one's grasp (idiom)
unable to contain one's joy (idiom)
countless / innumerable
to be pestered beyond endurance
rapid victory
(bird species of China) Eurasian hoopoe (Upupa epops)
competitive / ambitious and aggressive / to desire to beat others
an army burning with righteous indignation is bound to win (idiom)
superior by a notch / a cut above / even better
to turn defeat into victory (idiom); snatching victory from the jaws of defeat
inexpressible (idiom) / beyond description
the winners become princes and marquises; the losers are vilified as bandits (idiom) / history is written by the victors
not to be up to the task (idiom) / incompetent
unable to bear the pain (idiom)
to come out on top / to win (in an election, contest etc) / success / victory
(sports) win rate / winning percentage / probability of winning
to win an election
Chen Sheng (died 208 BC), Qin dynasty rebel, leader of the Chen Sheng Wu Guang Uprising 陳勝吳廣起義|陈胜吴广起义
(a line from a poem by the Tang poet Liu Yuxi 劉禹錫|刘禹锡) one gains very little insight into one's enemy from a hundred victories, but he who breaks his arm three times will be a good doctor / (fig.) one learns more from one's failures than from one's successes
Dongsheng District of Ordos City 鄂爾多斯市|鄂尔多斯市, Inner Mongolia
to beat comfortably / to win easily / abbr. for 穩操勝券|稳操胜券, to have victory within one's grasp
to win by a surprise move
to excel / to surpass
too numerous to list (idiom); innumerable
Pizza Hut
to follow up a victory / to pursue retreating enemy
cannot bear or stand / be unequal to / very / extremely
facts speak louder than words (idiom)
to be able to plan victory from a thousand miles away (idiom)
victor / winner
Chen Sheng Wu Guang Uprising (209 BC), near the end of the Qin dynasty
hat-trick (sports)
to not be able to distinguish who's winning
unable to put up with (sth) any longer
Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historical Interest Area, Sichuan
no arrogance in victory, no despair in defeat
(fig.) to fight a one-sided battle / to have an unfair advantage in a contest
victory is in sight
to prevail / to achieve victory / to be victorious
favorite (to win a race or championship) / well-placed contestant
to seize total victory (idiom); an overwhelming victory / to win by a landslide (in election)
Ever Victorious Army (1860-1864), Qing dynasty army equipped and trained jointly with Europeans and used esp. against the Taiping rebels

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