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tire / pneumatic tire
twin / CL: 對|对
(slang) never been in a romantic relationship
second pregnancy
unborn child / fetus / embryo
prenatal education / antenatal training / prenatal influences
to induce an abortion / induced abortion
to shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones (idiom); born again Daoist / to turn over a new leaf / fig. to change wholly / to create from other material (story, artwork etc)
sinister design / ulterior motive
to be reincarnated
freak of nature / mutant / abnormality
fetal movement
to have an abortion
freak / abnormal embryo / fetus with deformity
to be born / (fig.) to develop out of sth else (of ideas, stories, political systems etc) / (fig.) to shed one's body (to be reborn) / bodiless (e.g. lacquerware)
to become pregnant / to carry a child in the womb
to repair a tire
flat tire / burst tire / blowout
to become pregnant / to conceive / impregnated / insemination
viviparity / zoogony
inner tube (of a tire)
immortal body (of born again Daoist)
fraternal twins
burnout / peel out
mother's womb
(in ceramics, lacquerware etc) the base (made of clay, metal, bamboo etc) onto which a glaze, lacquer or other decorative elements are applied
bodiless lacquerware
drift (car racing technique) / (TCM) recurrent miscarriage; habitual abortion
ignoramus (idiom)
the one-child policy
(botany) placenta
clay idol
spare tire / (slang) fallback guy (or girl)
pregnant / to carry a child
to have an abortion / abortion
to shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones (idiom); born again Daoist / to turn over a new leaf / fig. to change wholly
fetus dies in the belly / (fig.) plans or projects failed before being carried out
eggshell china
practice of allowing only one child per family
identical twins
multiple pregnancy
to be reincarnated in the wrong womb / (fig.) to be born into unfortunate circumstances (impoverished family, domestic violence etc)
never been in a romantic relationship
teratoma (medicine)
  *胎* | 胎* | *胎
fetus / classifier for litters (of puppies etc) / padding (in clothing or bedding) / womb carrying a fetus / (fig.) origin / source / (loanword) tire
tire pressure
surface of tire / tread (of tire)
reborn as immortal
breech extraction (medicine)
tire patch (for puncture repair)
conjoined twins / Siamese twins
twins of mixed sex

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