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  *肩* | 肩* | *肩
shoulder / to shoulder (responsibilities etc)
alongside / shoulder to shoulder / side by side / abreast
cape / shawl / (of long hair) to trail over one's shoulders
to shrug one's shoulders
shoulder to shoulder / abreast / side by side
hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder
to be shoulder to shoulder / to be on an equal level with / Taiwan pr. [bi4 jian1]
level with one's shoulders / (of two people) both the same height
sleeveless jacket (usually cotton) / Chinese waistcoat
to help lift up onto one's shoulders / to stand on sb's shoulder
shoulder pad
to bear responsibility for sth
(literary) to put down one's burden / to rest / to stay (at an inn etc)
frozen shoulder (medicine)
shoulder to shoulder
a spandrel (wall filling the shoulder between two neighboring arches)
beautiful shoulder length hair (idiom)
adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder)

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