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mutton / goat meat
muscle / flesh
  *肉* | 肉* | *肉
meat / flesh / pulp (of a fruit) / (coll.) (of a fruit) squashy / (of a person) flabby / irresolute / Kangxi radical 130
barbecue (lit. roast meat)
Chinese cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia)
physical body
skin and flesh / superficial / physical (suffering) / bodily
naked eye / layman's eyes
a thorn in one's side
corporeal body
ba-wan, dumpling made of glutinous dough, typically stuffed with minced pork, bamboo shoots etc, and served with a savory sauce (Taiwanese snack) (from Taiwanese 肉圓, Tai-lo pr. [bah-uân])
flesh of fish / fish and meat / (fig.) victims of oppression / (fig.) to cruelly oppress (i.e. to treat like flesh to be carved up)
cured meat; bacon
blood relation / kin / one's flesh and blood
meat stock
chicken meat
lean meat
fat (e.g. pork fat) / fatty meat / (fig.) a gold mine / cash cow
meat slice
pork belly / streaky pork
lamb kebab
dog meat
(medicine) polyp
to be badly mangled or mutilated (idiom)
quality of meat / succulent (botany)
to crowdsource information about sb or sth (typically as a form of vigilantism resulting in doxing) (abbr. for 人肉搜索) / human (used attributively, as in 人肉盾牌, human shield)
meat floss / shredded dried pork
sickening / corny / sappy / maudlin / fulsome (of praise)
flesh lacerated from corporal punishment (idiom)
plain boiled pork / white meat (fish, poultry etc)
raw meat
ground meat
stewed meat
wart / sarcoma / superfluous / useless
ignoramus (idiom)
one's own flesh and blood
minced meat sauce / (fig.) mincemeat / a person cut to pieces
ground meat / mincemeat
meat patty
shredded meat / shredded pork
diced meat
lit. heart alarmed, body leaping (idiom); fear and trepidation in the face of disaster
red braised pork
carnal desire
minced meat
to put on a fake smile (idiom) / to smile insincerely
sweet and sour meat (pork)
hand-to-hand combat
lakes of wine and forests of meat (idiom); debauchery / sumptuous entertainment
canned luncheon meat / Spam
Clostridium botulinum
meat soup / broth
nutmeg (Myristica fragrans Houtt) / mace / Myristicaceae (family of plants producing aromatic or hallucinogenic oils)
lit. to hang a sheep's head while selling dog meat (idiom) / fig. to cheat / dishonest advertising / wicked deeds carried out under banner of virtue
(dialect) dog meat
to stew meat / stewed meat
lit. the toad wants to eat swan meat (idiom) / fig. to try to punch above one's weight
the trick of injuring oneself to gain the enemy's confidence / CL: 條|条
lit. the weak are prey to the strong (idiom) / fig. the law of the jungle
chicken raised for meat / broiler / (computing) zombie / infected computer in a botnet
pork skin
meat grinder
cold or frozen meat
sexiness / sexy / sensuality / sensual / voluptuous
lit. drinking buddy (idiom) / fig. fair-weather friend
rice flour meat
dried meat
the person one loves the most / one's most treasured possession
soft skin and tender flesh (idiom) / smooth-skinned
stir-fried pork, favorite of Northern Song writer Su Shi 蘇軾|苏轼, a.k.a. Su Dongpo 蘇東坡|苏东坡
crab meat
intramuscular injection
Mongolian hot pot / instant-boiled mutton (dish)
salt pork / bacon / marinaded meat / cured meat
corporal punishment (such as castration or amputation)
walking corpse (idiom) / zombie / person who lives only on the material level
muscular dystrophy
comb (fleshy crest on a bird's head)
rotting flesh; carrion
lit. to be the meat on sb's chopping block (idiom) / fig. to be at sb's mercy
stew / bouillon
lit. to fling a meat bun at a dog (idiom) / fig. to flush (one's money or efforts) down the toilet / to kiss sth goodbye
variant of 息肉
bak-kut-teh or pork ribs soup, popular in Malaysia and Singapore
annoying person / troublemaker / pain in the neck
one's own flesh and blood (idiom); closely related

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