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rhyming couplet / pair of lines of verse written vertically down the sides of a doorway / CL: ,
  *聯* | 聯* | *聯
to ally / to unite / to join / (poetry) antithetical couplet
to establish ties or contact / in series connection (electricity)
related / linked / affiliated
to continue in a post / (to hold a post) several times in succession / (to win a title) in successive years / to stay at number one / to defend a championship
Manchester United Football Club
Soviet Union, 1922-1991 / abbr. for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) 蘇維埃社會主義共和國聯盟|苏维埃社会主义共和国联盟
Spring Festival couplet (the first line of which is pasted on the right side of a doorway at New Year, and the second on the left side)
to lose contact / to be lost
abbr. for 國際聯盟|国际联盟, League of Nations (1920-1946), based in Geneva, precursor of the UN
(sports) superleague
parallel connection
abbr. for 中國文學藝術界聯合會|中国文学艺术界联合会, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles (CFLAC)
women's league / women's association
to interact / interrelated
Yi Jianlian (1987-), Chinese basketball player for the New Jersey Nets (NBA)
couplet (hung on the columns of a hall)
Avengers (comics)
cascade / cascading
abbr. for 中國文學藝術界聯合會|中国文学艺术界联合会, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles (CFLAC)
couplet (hung on each side of the door frame)
to join an alliance / admission to the United Nations
Asian Football Confederation / abbr. for 亞洲足球聯合會|亚洲足球联合会
China Disabled Persons' Federation (abbr. for 中國殘疾人聯合會|中国残疾人联合会)
pair of parallel verses inscribed on streamers, used as funeral decoration
variant of 牽連|牵连
International Chess Federation
China UnionPay (CUP), China's only domestic bank card organization
the League of the Left-Wing Writers, an organization of writers formed in China in 1930 / abbr. for 中國左翼作家聯盟|中国左翼作家联盟
third and fourth lines (in an eight-line poem) which form a couplet
abbr. for 民主建港協進聯盟|民主建港协进联盟, Democratic alliance for the betterment of Hong Kong (DAB), Hong Kong pro-Beijing party
variant of 綿連|绵连
former Soviet Union
Allianz, German financial service company
variant of 勾連|勾连
former Soviet Union
International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) / abbr. for 國際田徑聯合會|国际田径联合会
abbr. for 國際足球聯合會|国际足球联合会, FIFA, international federation of football associations
related to / concerning / to be correlated
(physics) magnetic reconnection
closely interrelated / intimately related
Universal Postal Union (UPU)
(physics) magnetic reconnection / (railways) double heading (using two locomotives at the front of a train)
UnionPay / CUP

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