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party / gathering / to meet / to get together
to condense / to coagulate / coacervation (i.e. form tiny droplets) / aggregation / coherent
to focus
  *聚* | 聚* | *聚
to congregate / to assemble / to mass / to gather together / to amass / to polymerize
to assemble / to gather
to come together (to form sth) / to assemble together / (chemistry) to polymerize
convergence / to come together
to assemble / to gather
cohesion / cohesiveness / cohesive
to meet together / to assemble
communal meal / formal dinner of club or group
to reunite / to have a reunion
fusion (physics)
polyester fiber
to focus light (e.g. in theater) / to spotlight
to gather together
to get together socially / to celebrate / party / celebration
to gather a crowd / to muster
to coalesce / to gather together / to amass
to inhabit a region (esp. ethnic group) / to congregate
to gather / to meet
to meet again
treasure bowl (mythology) / fig. source of wealth / cornucopia / gold mine
to gather happily under one roof
polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), trademarked as Teflon
to get together all at once
melamine C3H6N6
to concentrate one's attention (idiom)
condensed matter (physics)
coming together and separating / aggregation and dissipation
polyester resin
polymerase (enzyme)
nuclear fusion
settlement / dwelling place / town / village
polyformaldehyde (CH2O)n
aggregate / polymer
similar things come together (idiom); like draws like / Birds of a feather flock together.
to meet together / to assemble (of a group of people)
to meet / to get together
inhabited land / habitat
to meet as volunteers for an uprising
to accumulate / to collect / to build up
Similar things group together, similar people fit together (idiom); Birds of a feather flock together.
to accumulate / to gather / to amass wealth by heavy taxation or other unscrupulous means / (science) convergent
to get together
sand grains accumulate to make a tower a tower (idiom); by gathering small amounts one gets a huge quantity / many a mickle makes a muckle
informal gathering with refreshments provided
to have a discussion in a group / to have a chat with sb
program of visiting Muslim households in Xinjiang to monitor them, begun in 2014 (abbr. for 訪民情惠民生聚民心|访民情惠民生聚民心)
nuclear fusion
destiny will make enemies meet (idiom) / (often said about lovers who have a disagreement)
to meet for social drinking
meeting points of qi (in Chinese medicine)
communal gambling
MySpace (social networking website)
to cohere / to group together as a unit / to agglomerate
to gather / to congregate / to aggregate
dimer (chemistry)
fusion-type weapon
to contain / to accumulate / to hold concealed
Quanjude (famous Chinese restaurant)
meeting point / accumulation point (math.)
to part without hard feelings (idiom) / to cut the knot as smoothly as you tied it
to annihilate / to round up and wipe out
concentrating solar power (CSP)
RSS (news feeds)
peptidoglycan (PG) or murein (polymer of sugars and amino acids forming cell wall)
to gather / to assemble
to meet for negotiation
group licentiousness (offense punishable by up to five years in prison in the PRC)
trimer (chemistry)
oligomer (chemistry)
polyester / also written 聚酯
to increase the population, amass wealth, and teach the people to be faithful to the cause (in preparation for war, following a defeat)
thermonuclear fusion reaction
(of a body of people) to offer all kinds of different opinions (idiom) / to argue endlessly
microfocus x-ray computed tomography (microCT)
coherent sheaf (math.)
sodium dichloroisocyanurate
lit. to collect fireflies and study by their light (idiom); fig. ambitious student from impoverished background / burning the midnight oil
Kingdom Hall (place of worship used by Jehovah's Witnesses)
to meet (as a social group)
to gather a crowd / a mob
polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
polythene / polyethylene
to swarm / to congregate in masses

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