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to resign
to hold concurrent posts / concurrent job / moonlighting
special duty / assigned full time to a task
to seek employment
to get promoted (at work etc) / promotion
to hold a post; to take office
to retire / to leave office / to quit a job
to be employed / to be in post / on-the-job
vocational higher education institution (abbr. for 高等職業技術學校|高等职业技术学校) / senior academic or professional title (abbr. for 高級職稱|高级职称) / high-ranking employee (abbr. for 高級職員|高级职员) / (Tw) vocational high school
civil service / public office / government job
to take office; to assume a post
main job / day job / steady full-time job (as opposed to temporary or casual) / chief or principal post (as opposed to deputy)
one's job
to sack / to remove from a position / to depose
an official position / a job in the bureaucracy
to discharge one's duties / conscientious
to lose one's job / unemployment / not to fulfill one's obligations / to neglect one's job / dereliction of duty
to relieve sb of his post / to sack / to demote / dismissal / sacking
civilian post (as opposed to military) / civil service / administration
well qualified / competent / to be equal to the task / able to do sth very well
to suspend (sb) from duties
wrongdoing / failure to do one's duty
temporary assignment to a Chinese government or CCP post
vocation / duty / mission in life
to hold an office or post
  *职* | 职* | *职
office / duty
to demote (to a lower rank)
to keep an official position / to hold on to one's job
to eliminate / to sack / to remove from office
to dismiss from office / to discharge / to sack
to leave office
military official / military position (i.e. job)
to resume a post
clergy / clerical
active participation
restored to one's official post / to send sb back to his former post
full-time job
sinecure / position with practically no obligations
to look for a job / to seek employment
to exceed one's authority / to go beyond the bounds of one's job
to demote
to resign from office / to dismiss from office
to fail to show up for work
hereditary office
to neglect one's duty / dereliction of duty
to observe one's duty steadfastly / devoted to one's job
prominent post
to die in the line of duty
to be transferred to another post / to post away
redundant position
devotion to duty
leave of absence without pay
to commence employment; to enter a company
demotion / to have one's job cut
part-time work
to die in the course of performing one's duty (idiom)
to swear the oath of office
to admit responsibility and resign
technical and vocational (education)
nominal position
key job / important position

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