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to chat / to gossip
bored / boring / senseless
  *聊* | 聊* | *聊
to chat / to depend upon (literary) / temporarily / just / slightly
Liaocheng prefecture-level city in Shandong
Liaocheng prefecture-level city in Shandong
to chat / casual conversation
(Internet slang) awkward conversation / to have a cringeworthy conversation
erhua variant of 聊天
Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, Qing dynasty book of tales by 蒲松齡|蒲松龄
bored to death (idiom) / bored stiff / overcome with boredom
The people have no way to make a living (idiom, from Record of the Grand Historian 史記|史记) / no way of getting by
to chat naked (online)
better than nothing (idiom)
Liaocheng prefecture in Shandong
to use it (or do it) for the purpose of (allaying hunger, relieving boredom etc) to some extent
to provide as expedient / to use temporarily as / to make shift
to suffer tedium
to find some consolation (idiom) / to find relief in
to earn a living (esp. with negative)
to chat / idle gossip
to keep sb company for a chat / (esp.) to be a paid escort
to speak tentatively
for the time being / tentatively
(of a gift) to be a small token of one's feelings
to use as a stopgap / to give perfunctory recognition / token / nominal
to use it for the purpose of relieving the tedium to some extent
in order to minimally fulfill one's responsibilities / in order to get off the hook
chat room

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