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to use up / to consume
to waste / to spend / to consume / to squander
time-consuming / to take a period of (x amount of time)
fuel consumption
electric consumption / power wastage
  *耗* | 耗* | *耗
to waste / to spend / to consume / to squander / news / (coll.) to delay / to dilly-dally
wear and tear
energy consumption
to exhaust / to use up / to deplete / to drain
(dialect) mouse / rat
to spend / expenditure / to cost
to consume energy / energy consumption
rate of consumption
news of sb's death / grievous news
low consumption (energy, fuel etc)
to require much effort
you're on your own (pun on 好自為之|好自为之)
to dissipate / to squander
to waste
internal friction / internal dissipation of energy (in mechanics) / fig. waste or discord within an organization
requiring much time and effort
war of attrition
loss of goods / damage to goods / shrinkage
wear and tear / wearing out by friction
lit. a dog who catches mice / to be meddlesome (idiom)
to write back / to send a reply
a blind cat finds a dead mouse (idiom) / blind luck
consumables / to consume raw materials
the cat weeps for the dead mouse (idiom); hypocritical pretence of condolence / crocodile tears
fuel consumption
damage (e.g. to goods in transit)
(of sth that should be retained: nutrients, moisture, heat etc) to be lost
nuclear fuel burnup
biological oxygen demand (BOD)
fuel consumption

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