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(not only ...) but also / moreover / in addition / furthermore
  *而* | 而* | *而
and / as well as / and so / but (not) / yet (not) / (indicates causal relation) / (indicates change of state) / (indicates contrast)
however / yet / but
therefore / as a result / thus / and as a result, ...
thus / thereby
instead / on the contrary / contrary (to expectations)
that's all / nothing more
and then (what follows next)
in short / in a word / in brief
occasionally / from time to time
it goes without saying / it is self-evident
to chip away at a task and not abandon it (idiom); to chisel away at sth / to persevere / unflagging efforts
to speak frankly with assurance
then / afterwards
involuntary / automatically
to reveal one's talent (idiom) / to rise above others / to distinguish oneself
after that / then
clearly and easy to see (idiom); obviously / clearly / it goes without saying
brief encounter / to brush past sb
now / at the present (time)
lit. sth hits one in the face / directly in one's face / sth assaults the senses / blatant (advertising) / eye-catching / (a smell) assaults the nostrils
to emerge to meet a historic destiny (idiom) / to arise at an opportune time / able to take advantage of an opportunity / to rise to the occasion
to agree by chance (idiom); taking the same action without prior consultation
aged thirty (see 三十而立)
varying from person to person (idiom); different for each individual
lit. (bamboo) splits when it meets the knife's edge (idiom) / fig. easily solved
at home wherever one is (idiom); ready to adapt / flexible / to accept circumstances with good will
lit. to drop from the sky (idiom) / fig. to appear unexpectedly / to arise abruptly / out of the blue / to drop into one's lap
arising involuntarily (idiom); spontaneous / to spring up unbidden (of emotion)
to get there in one step (idiom); easily done / success at a stroke / to get results overnight
relatively speaking / comparatively speaking
to turn to (sth else) / to switch to
to smile but say nothing
to arrive as planned / right on schedule
comparatively speaking
suddenly / now (..., now...)
to run in the opposite direction (idiom); to run counter to
it is obvious that... / as one can well imagine...
to step forward bravely
nothing serious / just hot air
may be done once and once only / just this once
to shrink back / to flinch
lit. not cold, yet shivering (idiom) / fig. to tremble with fear / to be terrified
easy / with no difficulty
meet by chance / have a chance encounter
to blurt out / to let slip (an indiscreet remark)
to come to a place on account of its reputation (idiom); attracted to visit a famous location
over time / as time passes / in the fullness of time
that's all / just this and nothing more
to agree without prior consultation / to happen to hold the same view
to substitute for sb / to remove and replace
to disappear without trace / to vanish all of a sudden / to spread fast / to spread like wildfire
flower but no fruit (idiom); handsome exterior but hollow inside / flashy
lit. to speak of two things on the same day (idiom); to mention things on equal terms (often with negatives: you can't mention X at the same time as Y)
to come prepared
to give up halfway (idiom); leave sth unfinished
to glare at
to sail against the current / (fig.) to go against the flow
to turn a blind eye to / to ignore
to leave without saying good-bye
to assess one's capabilities and act accordingly (idiom); to act within one's competence / One does what one can.
with a grunting sound it stops (idiom); to come to an end spontaneously (esp. of sound)
to settle for second best / the next best thing
lit. pull one hair and the whole body moves / fig. a slight change will affect everything else / the butterfly effect
to go back on one's word / to break one's promise / to be unfaithful / to be untrustworthy
lit. the cycle comes back to the start (idiom); to move in circles / the wheel comes full circle
to part on bad terms / (of a meeting etc) to break up in discord
crying tears of joy (idiom)
faithful unto death (i.e. Confucian ban on widow remarrying)
unknown / unable to find out
thirty years old and therefore independent (idiom, from Confucius)
have sth ready just in case / keep sth for possible future use
to flash past / to flit by
to jump up suddenly / to bound up / to rise up in one bound
divide and rule (strategy) / divide and conquer
to storm off in a huff (idiom)
to sweep past / to hurtle past / to swoosh past
to take a risk out of desperation (idiom)
to skate around / to skip over / to skimp
to succeed through failure / to achieve one's final aim despite apparent setback
loose, but allows no escape (idiom, from Laozi 老子); the way of Heaven is fair, but the guilty will not escape
to return empty-handed / to fail to win anything
to sit and pontificate; to find answers through theory and not through practice (idiom)
to whistle past / to hurtle past / to zip by
What can you have against it? (idiom) / We should do this. / Go for it!
to return from a rewarding journey
to sell only for a good price (idiom) / to wait for a good offer
to reap without sowing (idiom)
to lump different matters together (idiom)
to enter by exploiting a weak spot (idiom); to take advantage of a lapse
lit. to drain the pond to get at the fish (idiom) / fig. to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs
pending a decision / hanging in the balance
to review the old and know the new (idiom, from the Analects) / to recall the past to understand the future
lit. to want sth in haste, but cannot get there (idiom, from Analects); more haste, less speed / also written 欲速則不達|欲速则不达
to sound out the difficulties and retreat to avoid defeat (idiom); fig. to back out of an awkward situation / to get out on finding out what it's really like
to weigh one's abilities and act accordingly / to act according to one's means / to cut one's coat according to one's cloth

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