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consultation / reference / to consult / to refer
to reflect on / to ponder over
for reference only
to enter oneself for an examination
college entrance exam (especially as abbr. for 普通高等學校招生全國統一考試|普通高等学校招生全国统一考试) / (Tw) entrance exam for senior government service posts (abbr. for 公務人員高等考試|公务人员高等考试)
  *考* | 考* | *考
to beat / to hit / variant of / to inspect / to test / to take an exam
  *考* | 考* | *考
to check / to verify / to test / to examine / to take an exam / to take an entrance exam for / deceased father
entrance exam for senior middle school
to prepare for an exam / (an appendix, note etc) for reference
to advertise an entrance examination for an academic institution (old)
unified examination (e.g. across the country)
entrance examination
for reference only
to sit for a makeup exam / to resit an exam / makeup exam / resit
unified examination
to take an exam
to put oneself in sb else’s shoes
to proctor (an exam) / to invigilate
mid-term exam
Lankao county in Kaifeng 開封|开封, Henan
preliminary round of imperial examinations / abbr. for 科學考察|科学考察, scientific exploration
to go and take an imperial examination
driving test
end of term examination
under investigation / currently unknown
final exam
to examine / to investigate / to try to determine
to take a test or exam for sb
to sign up for an examination / to apply for admission (to a university etc) / to apply (for a position)
honorific term for one's deceased father / (arch.) great-great-grandfather
Advanced Subjects Test, university entrance exam that assesses candidates’ higher level knowledge of specific subjects and their readiness to study in their selected academic discipline (Tw) / abbr. for 大學入學指定科目考試|大学入学指定科目考试
long life / life span
Bo Yikao, eldest son of King Wen of Zhou 周文王 and the elder brother of King Wu 周武王 who was the founder of the Zhou Dynasty 周朝 of ancient China
rank, wealth, and long life
final exam / to take an end-of-term exam / (Tw) college entrance exam (abbr. for 大學入學考試|大学入学考试)
examination for lower levels of Taiwan government service (short for 普通考試|普通考试)
to investigate / to inspect and study
to go and sit an examination

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