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to take an exam / exam / CL:
to think over / to consider / consideration
to reflect on / to ponder over
consultation / reference / to consult / to refer
to inspect / to observe and study / on-the-spot investigation
to examine / to check up on / to assess / to review / appraisal / review / evaluation
to test / to put to the test / trial / ordeal
  *考* | 考* | *考
to beat / to hit / variant of / to inspect / to test / to take an exam
  *考* | 考* | *考
to check / to verify / to test / to examine / to take an exam / to take an entrance exam for / deceased father
college entrance exam (especially as abbr. for 普通高等學校招生全國統一考試|普通高等学校招生全国统一考试) / (Tw) entrance exam for senior government service posts (abbr. for 公務人員高等考試|公务人员高等考试)
exam room
evaluation / to investigate and evaluate
entrance exam for senior middle school
to enter oneself for an examination
to check attendance (at school or workplace) / to monitor efficiency (of workers)
preliminary round of imperial examinations / abbr. for 科學考察|科学考察, scientific exploration
to sit an entrance exam for a graduate program
(exam) admission ticket
to prepare for an exam / (an appendix, note etc) for reference
to take a test to establish one's level of proficiency / placement test / (music) grade exam
to consider / to give serious consideration to sth / consideration
unified examination (e.g. across the country)
to do textual research / to make textual criticism / to verify by means of research (esp. historical details) / to take an exam to get a certificate (abbr. for 考取證件|考取证件)
to investigate / to study
exam question
entrance examination
to pass a university entrance exam
Coventry city in West Midlands 西米德蘭茲|西米德兰兹, UK
driving test
exam paper
koala (loanword)
exam outline (outline of the content of an exam, published prior to the exam as a guide for examinees) (abbr. for 考試大綱|考试大纲)
to investigate / to check and research / exquisite
to pass an entrance exam / to be admitted to
Cox (surname)
unified examination
an examiner / an official conducting an exam
the exam area / the district where an exam takes place
to proctor (an exam) / to invigilate
Lankao county in Kaifeng 開封|开封, Henan
to go and take an imperial examination
imperial examinations (in former times)
exam candidate / student whose name has been put forward for an exam
to sit for a makeup exam / to resit an exam / makeup exam / resit
to examine / to investigate / to try to determine
to take an exam
final exam / to take an end-of-term exam / (Tw) college entrance exam (abbr. for 大學入學考試|大学入学考试)
to advertise an entrance examination for an academic institution (old)
investigation team / scientific expedition
textual criticism
the exam period / the exam date
grade / exam mark
frame of reference
to sign up for an examination / to apply for admission (to a university etc) / to apply (for a position)
cited material / reference (to the literature) / bibliography
to check up on sb's achievements
to check and correct
end of term examination
Bo Yikao, eldest son of King Wen of Zhou 周文王 and the elder brother of King Wu 周武王 who was the founder of the Zhou Dynasty 周朝 of ancient China
honorific term for one's deceased father / (arch.) great-great-grandfather
Reference News (PRC limited-distribution daily newspaper)
mid-term exam
Kaposvár in southwest Hungary (German: Ruppertsburg), capital of Somogy county 紹莫吉州|绍莫吉州
under investigation / currently unknown
reference material / bibliography
inspection team
to pass an exam
to finish an exam
well tested over a long period of time (idiom) / seasoned
to take a test or exam for sb
for reference only
for reference only
to give sufficient consideration to
reference book
reference material / source documents
reference ellipsoid (geodesy)
Business Chinese Test (BCT)
long life / life span
Advanced Subjects Test, university entrance exam that assesses candidates’ higher level knowledge of specific subjects and their readiness to study in their selected academic discipline (Tw) / abbr. to 指考
security consideration
rank, wealth, and long life
mandatory college exam for immigrants
Advanced Subjects Test, university entrance exam that assesses candidates’ higher level knowledge of specific subjects and their readiness to study in their selected academic discipline (Tw) / abbr. for 大學入學指定科目考試|大学入学指定科目考试
to put oneself in sb else’s shoes
Scott (name)
examination for lower levels of Taiwan government service (short for 普通考試|普通考试)
NCEE, National College Entrance Examination (college entrance exam in PRC) / usually abbr. to 高考
agrégation (exam for teaching diploma in French universities)
final exam
HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test)
to screen / to grade by examination / screening / placement test
to investigate / to inspect and study
scientific exploration team / expedition
placement test
Cox Report / Report of the Select Committee on US National Security and Military-Commercial Concerns with the PRC (1999); Committee Chairman Republican Rep. Chris Cox
to pass entrance exam / to enter college after a competitive exam
attendance record book
attendance sheet

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